Rules for electrical equipment at The Gatheirng 2001

1. It's not allowed to bring white goods.
We do not allow waterheaters, cofee-makers, etc. inside Vikingskipet

2. If the rule 1 is not overheld, we might keep his/hers equipment 'till the person leaves TG.

3. If we find equipment that is in poor technical condition, the owner will be told to remove it. If this is not done, it will be removed without any more warnings.

4. Only one socket pr. seat. If you need any more sockets, these must be earthed.

Picture of an earthed socket.

If/when a power failure occures on a row, you will have to turn off your computers before we turn the power back on, so we dont bbq everything in the fusebox, there are rather hot, that we'd be better off not overloading them.

Roar Stensson
Admin Electricity
The Gathering 2001