WymeN | 2002-03-21
WymeN 2002 will give you a show full of dance, surprises, "nerdy" humor, fire, music, colours, and energy at 21.00 at Friday night...
WymeN 2002 contends 5 dancers, and some of them also sing, and make their own music, and have computing as a hobby. A lot of other people from the "computer-world" are working togheter with WymeN, i.e. well-known Bjørn Lynne. [lynnemusic.com]
WymeN will also have their own stand at The Gathering, where you can buy WymeN-stuff, and get it signed after the show!

Read more about WymeN at www.wymen.net

Grand OpeningShow 2002! | 2002-03-21
You probably remeber last years OpeningShow, at least by the volum!=)

This years OpeningShow are made by participants at The Gathering, and will contend less noise than last year, but really nice music, dance, video, demos and more!
So at 21.00 Wednesday you better be in front of the stage...

DJ's | 2002-03-20
Just to get you in the partymood, these DJ's will be controlling the dancefloor from 23:00 at Wednesday!


Monthy is responsible for booking of clubbinglocations and is the technical crew of PLUR. He is also resident at different PLUR parties. He used to run his own clubconcept in Oslo called "The Chilly Basement" before joining PLUR. Monthy's DJ-style is driven by funky house and techno.

Since 1995, Monthy has been playing at underground parties in Vestfold and Oslo. Check out his website at www.monthy.tk for more info and biography.

DJ SubSoniq:

SubSoniq is responsible for booking of artists and is one of the founding fathers behind PLUR. He is also resident at PLUR parties. He also runs his own concept called "Paragon: Hardhouse Heaven" and also works as a freelance journalist for Mutek and www.nattguiden.no. His DJ-style is dominated of UK hardhouse and Nu Nrj.

SubSoniq has since 1998 played at among others Biblos, Atlantis, Top Of The Mountain, Sommerparaden, Serious, PLUR, Radio Oslo and several smaller parties. In 2002 he is also confirmed to play at Hyperstate, SubCity, PLUR and more.

For more information, MP3-mixes, pictures and more, please check his homepage at www.subsoniq.nu

Information about PLUR

PLUR is a non-profit organization that promotes the Norwegian clubbing-scene and electronic music in general. The potential income from each of our arrangements/concepts goes directly to promote the clubbing-scene and the music of it through flyers and the web, as well as to help unknown DJ's and bedroom producers break through. We also pride ourselves in always providing top DJ's at all our arrangements/concepts.

PLUR consists of the WEB & PR-crew, technical crew, artists, DJ's and decor-people. We have the ability to book anything from big and famous names down to our own resident DJ's.

We have held parties with, among otheres, the following DJ's: MortenM, Lars Holte, Luis Mollinari, SubSoniq, Fillijokkus, Monthy (dj+live), Harrold Loyd, Thomas R, Thor Stones, Vidar Kroken, Prof. Scuba, Astral Projection (PLUR telt @ Atlantis festivalen), Tor'O'Love, Jazzfudge, Omega, Easter, Zeppo, Hystereo, JoeKing aka AMO, dj Lemon, Marco Zaffarano (PLUR FABRIC Römerberg @ Subcity)

We have cooperated with Oslo studentfestival, Nattguiden, Atlantisfestivalen, Biblos, SubCity aswell as held our own parties like Åpenbaringen, PLUR Witch Project I and II, Underground, The Masquerade, 1st Base to Futuredome, Channel One, Melk og Strandstol and Hyperstate Vorspiel. We arranged our 2-year anniversary on the 09/02 at Studio Del Mar where, among others, Phasephour, Noa and Vidar Kroken played.

PLUR also runs Norways largest messageboard for clubbsceners. Anyone (arrangers, DJ's, clubbers, bedroom-producers) is free to post and read here. Visit us at www.plur.nu

Satcom101 | 2002-03-13
Beats and noises with a huge smile. That's Satcom101.
This year with the same sound as last year - fat and huge - but with another way of performing it.
Electronics and weird sounds seem to be what we like nowadays.

Read more about Satcom101 at satcom101.com

Flourish | 2002-03-09
Flourish are 4 "geek-girls", who also have dancing and twirling as a hobby.
Last year they was a part of WymeN-show, but this year they will do their own show at Thursday evening at TG02!
Flourish have also had several shows at other parties during the last year, i.e. Northlan.
They use lightsticks and other cool effects at their shows, and you really don't wanna miss this!

PornoFreud | 2002-03-09
Yeah, Baby!

Don't miss out on the funky session at Thursday!
The pimp PornoFreud and his groovy escorts will bring tha funk to The Gathering..
30 minutes of pure funky disco house, grooves for everyone and filtering earcandy, how can you miss out?!
While PornoFreud sets the audio standards, his girls will control the dance...
The afro may be missing, but the pimpcane will be put to it's proper use...

Pornofreud - more funk than porn on internet!!

Read more about Pornofreud at pornofreud.com !

entertainment | 2002-02-08
Welcome to our entertainment pages, here you'll find the latest information on whats going to happen when on The Gathering 2002.

For those of you who participated at last years The Gathering, you might remember the dancegroup WymeN, and they will return at TG02, so head over to wymen.net to find out what they're up to this year...











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