Routerplanner | 2002-01-30
To plan your travel route use excellent VisVeg applet:
It's from Norwegian to Norwegian points only.

Foreigners: To get a road map for the trip to The Gathering, use the web service Mapblast.

Buss from Skien | 2002-02-16
Scrabble2000 will arrange a bus from Skien, if you're interested contact

Bus from Levanger | 2002-02-16
Xplore is arranging a bus from Levanger/Skogn, they can also pick up passengers at Verdal( maybe), Stjørdal and Trondheim. Other places pleace mail, and maybe we can work something out. More information at

Bus from Askøy | 2002-02-16
Bus from Askøy -

Buss from Tromsø | 2002-02-12
BussRing Scandinavia will arrange bus from Tromsø to TG 2002. We are making stops in Narvik, Fauske, Mo i Rana and Mosjøen. We will also pick up passangers along the road.

For furter information:

Bus from Bergen. Author not found for this object! | 2002-02-07
Someone is arranging a bus-trip from Bergen to Hamar. It will also pick up passengers at certain places along the way. More info

Bus from Trondheim Author not found for this object! | 2002-02-06
noXtension have arranged a bus-trip from Trondheim to The Gathering. More information: here

Netbase TG-bus Author not found for this object! | 2002-01-30
Netbase will arrange a bus-trip from Kristiansand, and will stop at the following locations: Lillesand, Grimstad, Arendal, and of course, Hamar! More info on

Bus from Stavanger Author not found for this object! | 2002-01-30
Some people from Stavanger have arranged a bus-trip from Stavanger, picking up passengers at Sandnes and Helleland. More info on

Inanimate | 2002-01-28
Inanimate's bus - read it all at

KANDU | 2002-01-28
KANDU's own bus will also this year be available for people that need transportation to The Gathering. This year tickets will be sold through

Total price for ticket + transportation will be 900,- NOK + ticket fee.
Remember, there are rules on what you are allowed to bring on the bus.

  • Only one monitor (max 17")
  • Only one computer (max miditower)
  • Only one bag/backpack
  • Sleeping bag/field matress

    If you bring things that aren't on this list, the bus driver are allowed to refuse you to bring it onto the bus. You will then have a choice between leaving your things behind or yourself arrange and pay for transportation.

    (The bus will not wait for you while you arrange this)

    Place of departure will be Oslo S.
    For more information, mail

    Note: there is no need to call or mail Sassi for tickets to TG, she doesnt sell them.

  • Bus from Stavanger and Kristiansand | 2002-01-27
    Bergum Bussreiser arranges bus from Stavanger and Kristiansand to TG02.
    We will arrive Wednesday about 12 o'clock, and will return Sunday about 16:00.

    This trip will be perfect for those travelling by ship from Great Britain to Stavanger!

    Stops in Stavanger, Kristiansand, Vennesla, Grimstad, Arendal and Vinterkjaer (Risoer). We are able to stop other places along the route upon request. Breakfast at McDonald's Furuset. Dinner at McDonald's Alnabru on the return.

    Exact schedule:

    Bus is a newer coach with 49 comfortable seats, air-conditioning, video and more.
    We also have a large supporter of approx. 11 cubic meters.

    Maximum baggage: 17" monitor, maxi-tower, bag/backpack, sleeping bag/groundsheet plus hand baggage. We can take a limited amount of extra baggage against extra payment.

    Price: NOK 600/EUR 76.50 (round trip). Charged in Norwegian kroner. Booking/change/cancellation by February 27. Prepayment with Norwegian giro transfer or VISA.

    Go to for information and booking.

    Proximity | 2002-01-27
    Proximity will host a bustrip from Østfold to TG. Pickup-spots: Halden-Sarpsborg-Fredrikstad-Moss Web: Contact: Thomas Andreassen

    Bus Tour from Trondheim or Stjørdal | 2002-02-09
    Another bus is planned to travel from either Trondheim or Stjørdal. More info on











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