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The Gathering 2007

  • ZyXEL
  • AMT
  • EA Games
  • Asus
  • NTE Bredband
  • NordicRadio

Organised by KANDU

A big thanks to the tech guys

vilde 17 April, 2007 00:02

This year, the network at The Gathering was really stable with very few problems. We have the tech crews and their sponsors to thank for this.

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Females at TG

knutin 08 April, 2007 05:19

As we all have become aware of, the percentage of girls attending The Gathering increase every year. We find it appropriate to get a feel for why girls find The Gathering worthy of their time. Some 03.30 two brave crew members of Info:Content went for a strawl in the ship looking for girls. Contrary to what one might think, it wasn't hard finding them.

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The winner takes it all

cart 08 April, 2007 05:03

Rikke aka Mulm is 20 years old, and TG07 is her 6th The Gathering. She comes to The Gathering to feel the TG spirit, and to compete in the creative compos.

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Report from the nerdswim!

merilin 08 April, 2007 02:39

The ChillOut-zone arranged a bathing trip to Ankerskogen, and among 500 of TG-participants attended. Me and our photographer, Øyvind aka Gather, took a little trip to Ankerskogen.

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A chat with Bizardo

vilde 07 April, 2007 23:22

If you have been to The Gathering or seen pictures from it some time in the last four years, chances are good that you've seen the work of Bizardo, a case modder out of the ordinary whose creations are becoming a symbol for TG, the same way the vikingship and 7rym are to name a few.

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Work recruitment at TG07

vilde 07 April, 2007 13:48

This year we have a recruitment stand at The Gathering where companies get to inform skilled and interested geeks about job opportunities in their companies.

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Synshemmede nerder

merilin 07 April, 2007 12:42

"I en undersøkelse Blindeforbundet gjorde for halvannet år siden, viste det seg at hele ca. 90% av seende trodde at man ikke kunne bruke PC hvis man mistet synet! Dette synes jeg er skremmende og viser i stor grad hvilke fordommer og uvitenhet som er blant seende om synshemming." - Lise Bakkan

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Kåre and The Lost Groove

knutin 06 April, 2007 19:56

Since the dawn of time, people have been hitting stones together to make some noise, often joined by more people forming what we know as a band. These bands were formed with a single goal in mind: to recover The Lost Groove. As soon as somebody started banging their stones together, a rivaling group started making pottery, which turned out not only to be more efficient at hunting down grooves, but also to be an extraordinary cool way to attract the love of the ladies. However, one beatiful morning in the cave, a woman was so sick of her husband efforts to fit his head inside one of these pots, that she covered the pot with some cloth.

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Crew for a day Reloaded

knutin 06 April, 2007 18:09

This year we have a special treat to those of you interested in what goes on behind the scenes at The Gathering. There’s much to be done both before and during the party. Those accepted to Crew for a day will get a chance to both see and help out during the party. After the jump you’ll find interviews with ex-crew for a day members, Ida and Kristoffer.

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Manus for The Pirate Bays foredrag på TG07

vilde 06 April, 2007 01:35

Dette er manuset til the Pirate Bays foredrag på TG07. Det er kun tilgjengelig på svensk.

This is the manuscript used by Marcin de Kaminski when he spoke at the seminar about the Pirate Bay and copyrights. It's in swedish only.

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