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The Gathering 2007

  • NTE Bredband
  • AMT
  • BaneTele
  • ZyXEL
  • NordicRadio
  • TeliaSonera

Organised by KANDU

This years network will be set up with two major core routers with a 10Gbit link between them. These two core routers have 8x1Gbit eterchannels to the five distribution points, each with roughly 40 1Gbit uplink ports to the edge switches. We will be routing on the distribution points, to minimize bandwidth usage on the uplinks to the core routers.

There will also be a backup 1gbit link through all the distribution routers. This is to make sure everything is still connected, should a core router fail.

The internet connection will be 2gbit, coming in via telegw. This router has a 1Gbit uplink to each of the two core routers, as well as all the uplinks to NOC (server park), crew, game, vision, etc.

Equipment list:

  • core02 and core04 are Cisco 7606 routers with Sup720-3BXL
  • d01-1, d01-2, d05-1 and d05-2 are Cisco 3560G layer3 switches
  • d02 and d04 are Cisco 3750G layer3 switches
  • d03 will be a Cisco 4948

  • telegw will be a Cisco 6504 with Sup32
  • nocgw will be a stack of Cisco 3750G's
  • the edge switches (tableswitches) will be the same Zyxel ES-3024 that was used at TG05 and 06

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