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The Gathering 2007

  • AMT
  • EA Games
  • Ementor
  • BaneTele
  • Idefagskolen
  • NTE Bredband

Organised by KANDU

The competition:

  1. There will be max 64/32 players.
  2. All rounds are single elimination until there's 8 players left and the double elimination starts.
  3. There will be "best of 3" rounds when the double elimination starts.

General rules:

  1. It is both players responsibility to read and understand these rules, completely. If you have any questions regarding the rules, contact the game crew.
  2. The player that is shown HIGHEST in the brackets makes the game. i.e. Player1 Player2 Player1 makes the game.
  3. BOTH players must save the replay in case of any problems regarding the match.
  4. It is the players responsibility to check that he/she has all the latest patches etc. AT LEAST half an hour before his/her game starts. If you find that you do not have have these right before the game starts this is NOT an excuse to postpone a game and you will loose on walkover.
  5. The winner of each game MUST remember to go to partyticket.net and write the scores down, and the loser must confirm this on partyticket.net. If the loser has not confirmed it within 15 minutes, come and talk to the game crew.

Map list:

  1. Small Town USA
  2. Barstow Badlands
  3. Pipeline Problems
  4. Tournament Dustbowl
  5. Tournament Arena

When all the maps have been played, we will start from the top again.

Note! The maplist for the final is unique:

  1. Tournament Arena
  2. Barstow Badlands
  3. Pipeline Problems

Before and during the match:

General match rules:
  • Map: see maplist.
  • Gamespeed 100%.
  • Initial Resources: 10000.
  • Add random crates: Off.
  • Enable VOIP: ON.
  • Allow Commentary: ON.
  • Brodcast game: Only allowed with tape delay ON.

Note: There is not allowed to have any observers besides people from TG crew, unless both players agree.

  • Both players choose their rase before the match, and it's allowed for both to choose the same.
  • It is not allowed to choose spawn, unless both players agree.
  • There will be "best of 3" rounds when the double elimination starts.

This rules I written by: Simen Li L√łkaas (Metalon)
These rules are subject to change at any time. Any changes or updates to rules will be notified on www.gathering.org and in #tg.game @ Qnet. All participants are expected to know and follow all the rules; not knowing them is not valid excuse for not following them.

Copyright (c) 1996-2007 KANDU and contributors

Design by: PAL/Offence/A (Flott altsaa)

The Gathering is a registered trademark by KANDU

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