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The Gathering 2007

  • BaneTele
  • TeliaSonera
  • QPad
  • Optical Dedicated Hosting
  • EA Games
  • AMT

Organised by KANDU


You are now able to choose a seater. Head on over to Partyticket.net and make your arrangements.

The seating has been delayed by one day.

  • Today: 30 or above
  • Thursday 8th, 18:00: Seating for 10 people or above
  • Friday 9th, 20:00: Free-for-all

Please note that row 32 and 33 is reserved for the demosceners.

To reserve a seat, you must have a seater for your tickets.

  1. Go to http://partyticket.net/tg07/account/index to verify the status.
  2. Click on your ticket, and select your seater.
  3. Click on the seat map link in the menu to enter the seat map for viewing.
  4. To reserve a seat, you must click the link to "Reservations" on the seat map page. This allows you to see the seat map without accidentally reserving, canceling or moving your seat.

When you look at the seat map, the stage is to the left, entrance on the right. Entrance and exit during the party is on the left side.

cruz - 04 March, 2007 14:09

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