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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

TG07 Network Details

The network design almost ready.

We are using mostly the same equipment as last year, aiming to give you the same stable and fast network that you got used to at TG06.

In more detail this means means Cisco Catalyst switches in the core, and Zyxel switches with 1 Gbit/s uplinks from each table.

The core network will feature ether-channels of 2Gbit/s or 4Gbit/s between each core switch. The internet connectivity will, as announced earlier, be 2Gbit/s from Banetele and TeliaSonera.

We are also planning support for advanced services, like Multicast and IPv6, for you to play with.

There will be held a short session where you can ask the Network-team questions.

A drawing of the network design, with more details of equipment, will be published when we have everything sorted.

cart - 09 March, 2007 19:24

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