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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Important notice to everyone travelling to TG07 by train

Travelers Oslo - Hamar, Wednesday 4th of April 2007
NSB recommends that all participants use train 309.
This is a train with regular cars and plenty of room for luggage.
Departure Oslo S: 08:37, arrival Hamar: 09.59.

Other possible departures: train 305 (06:37) and 307 (07:37)

NSB advise against that travelers to TG07 use train 41 (departure 08:07) because this train has less space and is likely crowded.

Travelers Hamar - Oslo S, Sunday 8th of April 2007
Due to many travelers from TG07, NSB has double capacity to the train 316. NSB recommends that as many participants as possible use this train. Departure Hamar: 12:08,, arrival Oslo S: 13:34.

NSB advise against using train 42 (departure 13:50) as this train has less space and is likely crowded.


merilin - 19 March, 2007 19:38

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