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The Gathering 2007

  • Sun
  • Freebit by Metafax
  • EA Games
  • Idefagskolen
  • QPad
  • Asus

Organised by KANDU

Visitor tickets

The price is 250,- NOK for the ticket and 450 NOK deposit.

Visitor-tickets are available between 10:00 and 20:00. These tickets enables you to stay in the hall until 07:30 the next morning. You will have to pay a deposit which you'll get back when you leave the hall.

If you have not left the hall by 07:30 the next morning, your daytime ticket will be converted to a party-pass which enables you to stay for the rest of the event. The deposit will then be considered as a part of the payment for the party-pass.

If you know you are going to stay for the entire party, the price is 700 NOK up front.

Daytimetickets are only available Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

cruz - 26 March, 2007 23:20

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