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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

ASUS to build worlds fastest PC at TG 2007

At The Gathering 2007, ASUS is going to present their brand, spanking new graphics card, called Aquatank. The card is water cooled,and to show off just what the Aquatank can do, ASUS is going to build the worlds fastest PC at the event.

The PC has the following specifications:

At the event, ASUS is also going to present their new laptops for gamers, such as the G1 and G2. And for those inclined, in cooperation with Lamborghini, they have made the Lamborghini VX2.

ASUS Nordic Press Representative, Mikael Koark, said that "The Gathering has, with its long traditions, established itself as the event of the year for creative computer users in Norway".

He added that ASUS was very pleased to continue their support of the event.

pjn - 27 March, 2007 00:55

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