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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

The Pirate Bay speaks at The Gathering

The worlds second largest computer party is no safe haven.
The pirates of The Pirate Bay are invited to speak about the Swedish piracy movement in general and the development of the worlds largest bittorrent tracker in particular.

One of the founders of The Pirate Bay, Marcin de Kaminski, visits The Gathering with a couple of his crew mates. Their event will focus at the situation of the Swedish piracy movement, including the raid againt The Pirate Bay, the uprising of the Pirate Party and a couple of other events that might be of interest. Of course, the Norwegian Piratgruppen will not be forgotten.

- We will focus at the Scandinavian copyfight, says Marcin de Kaminski, and we will gladly talk about Sealand.

Besides the official presentation, there will also be time to meet The Pirate Bay in real life at TG as they also are participating as guests at the computer party.

If you're with the media, or want to get in touch with the guest from The Pirate Bay in some other matter, please use tg07 at thepiratebay dot org

merilin - 28 March, 2007 07:55

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