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The Gathering 2007

  • NTNU
  • EA Games
  • Ementor
  • NTE Bredband
  • BaneTele
  • Altibox

Organised by KANDU

TG07 logo is ready

As you may have guessed, this year's theme is all about puzzles.

To be specific, our inspiration is the famous "fifteen puzzle". This is the sixteenth time we invite you to spend the easter with us, and like the missing piece of the fifteen puzzle, TG07 is a blank space that you will have to fill with fun and creativity. Easter is closing fast, so we hope all your compo contributions are nearing completion. Remember, you only have a little over one week to fine-tune your music, polish that picture you've been working on, or put the finishing touches to your demo code. See you soon! Download the logo.

cruz - 28 March, 2007 21:30

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