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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

The last report

Everything is alright in Vikingskipet now, only 12 hours before the participants arrive. The net is up and running and the crew is now working hard to make the last preparations before the grand opening.

We went for a tour in Vikingskipet to hear what the chiefs for the different crews could tell us about their status.

Mathias Johnsen AKA Mej, chief of Event:Game, told us that they are almost up and running, and everything is ready for registration to the ??game compos?? when the participants arrive.

Wilhelm Damsleth, the chief of Event:Vision, told us that the stage is ready and they are now working on the streaming servers for TGTV.

The sponsor booths are almost up and running and they are looking really good this year. They will be ready when the first people walk in the door.

In the info area everything looks great. Registration is ready to welcome the participants, and we at info:content are ready to give you the best TG-web ever!

All in all, everything looks great. We are looking forward to seeing you, and wish you a pleasant stay here at The Gathering 2007.

cart - 03 April, 2007 21:56

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