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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

The grand opening

Outside Vikingskipet, the sun is rising, and it's pretty cold. Outside the fences the participants are starting to gather. Six of them arrived 0430am. They arrived with the bus, a nine hours long trip, from Florø.

Some of the participants are now tired of waiting for the grand opening. They are looking forward to 5 days inside Vikingskipet.

Drammen is also represented among the participants in the early queue. 16 people from the biggest city in Buskerud, arrived in their own bus 05:15. Some of them attends TG for the 7th time, for some of the oothers it's their first The Gathering.

On the parking lot there is five caravans, but all the people who has spend the night on the parking lot is are still asleep, so we couldn't get any comments from them.

9AM the doors open, as last year, just on time. The first participants in the queue runs towards to the door, and into the huge hall, just filled with empty tables, switches, cables and stages for vision and game crew. It's kind of an own competition to be the first participant inside, and many people sacrifices their bags and computers to be the first man/woman walking in the door.

1030AM the tables are now starting to fill up. The participants have brought a lot of shelves, case mods, speakers, lights and other cool stuff. Gathering.org will be back with more articles about some of the things the participants have brought to The Gathering this year, so if you have seen any cool shelves, case mods or anything else cool, please tell us by sending a mail to tg07info-content at gathering dot org.

To all of you inside Vikingskipet. Welcome to this years greatest computer happening. Make a lot of noise, and have a lot of fun.

The Gathering Crew wish you a pleasant stay here at The Gathering 2007

Pictures from the opening will be uploaded to the gallery soon

cart - 04 April, 2007 10:25

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