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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

How do visually impaired people use a computer?

How can one use a computer when one can't see the screen? Is there tactile writing (braille writing, the little dots) on the screen and keyobard? What use can blind and partially sighted make of computers? Do they only listen to music? Do they need technical aid devices, if yes, which? Can they surf the Internet? What about games?

Lise Bakkan and Magnus Kroken talks today at 12.00 in the auditorium.

The answer is yes, both blind and partially sighted can in theory use a computer for everything that you use it for, even though things like picture editing isn't really productive. A survey done by MMI on behalf of the Norwegian Association for Blind and Partially sighted showed that more than 90% of the Norwegian population thought that using a PC was impossible without sight. In fact, visually impaired are competent computer users, because it's both a useful technical aid, and a hobby.

We want to tell you how blind and partially sighted use computers. We are visually impaired ourselves, and will bring some of our special equipment that you may study and try.

We will also talk about what works and what doesn't, particularly about web design. As a developer/designer, you might catch a few tips :)

Published by Hansiman (Crew for a day :-) )

merilin - 05 April, 2007 16:35

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