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The Gathering 2007

  • NTNU
  • Ementor
  • Freebit by Metafax
  • ZyXEL
  • NTE Bredband
  • Asus

Organised by KANDU

Trackmania Nations

Rules for the competition have now been updated

Format - 1on1

Guide on how to meet your opponent and play the matches: Use #tg.tmn irc-channel on the Quakenet-network to meet your opponent. You can download a irc-client at www.mirc.com. If a problem occurs please contact the gaming-crew near the chillout-tent. Report score to BBBeast or rizkey in #tg.tmn, you can also report scores directly to the TMN compo-crew if irc failes.

Brackets, seednings and match-overview can be found at: http://tg7.partyticket.net/game/rounds?stage_id=365

Here is the server rules to be used in perliminaries: (one player hosts a lan game with these settings - remember to agree on a password)

Alternative rules rounds mode. pointlimit 7 Map picks: perliminaries: 1seed removes 1 map, 2seed removes 2 maps, 1seed removes 1 map->the remaining three maps are played. First to 7 points (one round=one point) Best of 3 maps 2 or 3 rounds warm-up on each map players agree when to start, do NOT delay after warm up if possible.

Warning: Rules can be changed at any time by admins if needed.

Published by Hansiman (Crew for a day :-) )

merilin - 05 April, 2007 18:41

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