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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

If its yellow, you are not doing it right

The crew encurages all the participants to drink as much water as possible. If you wonder why, please keep reading. Nasty
If your urine looks like this, get some water!

Do you feel tired? Sick? And does your urine look like this?

Then you're probably dehydrated

Although Coca Cola is more or less sacred and the party goers best friend, it is not a replacement for water even though it is liquid. We had a talk with medic who informed us that if you drink a lot more coke than you drink water, there's a huge possibility you'll get sick and spend more time in the bathroom than in the arena.

Your urine should look like this

What are the symptomps of dehydration?

  • You will get very tired and very exhausted - more than you would do in another setting where you'd drink more water
  • As mentioned above, you could get a very upset stomach where you'd get stomach flu-like symptoms.
  • If you pinch the skin on your arm and if it retreats back to it original state very slowly and/or get "sloppy", that's a good indicator that you're dehydrated.

vilde - 06 April, 2007 14:46

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