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The Gathering 2007

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Crew for a day Reloaded

This year we have a special treat to those of you interested in what goes on behind the scenes at The Gathering. There’s much to be done both before and during the party. Those accepted to Crew for a day will get a chance to both see and help out during the party. After the jump you’ll find interviews with ex-crew for a day members, Ida and Kristoffer.


Kristoffer was at first stationed at Tech:Support, where he helped the participants with their computer problems. He told us that Tech:support helps out with the network, the power, virus or other hardware or software problems they might have.

After Kristoffer had been working together with the tech crew, he payed a visit to Event:Vision. The vision-crew is responsible for the TV-streams going out to both the participants and to the outside world, as well as the auditorium – where presentations are held, ie. the makers of Command and Conquer 3. At Kristoffers stay in Event:Vision, he got a try at filming and controlling the sound in the auditorium.

Kristoffer says it was a lot of fun being in the crew, but somewhat tiresome. Kristoffer has travelled to The Gathering to socialize, to listen to the presentations held by different companies like EA and Microsoft. Kristoffer feels he has had too much to do! He was supposed to make a web-site for a friend, but hasn’t even started yet!

Kristoffer wants to apply for the Crew for The Gathering 2008 – especially now that he tried it and got the taste of it! He says TG should maintain the “Crew-for-a-day” arrangement. “It is a nice event for those who wants to try out how its like to be a part of the crew at The Gathering.”

-- Simen Forberg Kåsa (Crew for a day)


Another proof that gathering.org is a splendid source for information you’ll see when you encounter Ida, the new member of our Security crew. After reading the Crew for a day page she got curious on what goes on behind the scenes at a big arrangement like The Gathering. She started her Crew for a day-day in Tech:Support, which she found to be somewhat too similar to work which just happens to be tech support. She then got transfered to Security, which resulted in a position in the Crew for the remaining days of The Gathering.

We would love to tell a tale of heavy duty Security operations, but the participants behave so well there’s no need to take action. “Diplomacy is very important in Security”, Ida tells us. And apparently she’s great at it! If you enjoy working with people and making sure everybody is having a great time, Security is for you.

knutin - 06 April, 2007 18:09

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