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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Last chance to see the PS3!

Don't miss your last opportunity to see the Playstation 3 in action with BluRay DVD and PS3-games, when IBM for the last time is demonstrating how it can be turned into a supercomputer. The show is today at 15:30 in the Auditorium.

The technical issues we saw during the first show have now been found and they were introduced by the PoC TV, named something like "mulla mulla", which must be Chinese and mean "NoName". We have now found an LG TV and are therefore confident that the show today will run much more smoothly…

During the show a "fresh" PS3 will be taken out of a box and demonstrated running a few games and a BluRay DVD, but the real strength in the machine is really the Cell BE processor, which is a new innovative way of building CPU's. In fact, if you had the Playstation 3 in 2002, you would be the owner of one of the fastest computer installations in the world!

To leverage on this technology, Yellow Dog Linux is installed LIVE on the stage to enable it to be connected to a research grid at University of Copenhagen .

During the installation, the technology behind the Cell BE is described beginning with the issues that are challenging the current x86 technology. The presentation will also include results from one of the first universities in Europe which has been using the CELL BE technology for research purposes.

About the speaker

Jasper K. Juhl is a part of IBM's Nordic High Performance Computing team, which is the vendor of the fastest computer installations in the Nordic. Prior to IBM, Jasper founded the Game Development Camp in Denmark and has two master degrees, one in Computer Science from Aalborg University, and on in Management from University of Bath.

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