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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Scene.org Awards

Saturday 20:00 it's ready for this years big happening. Scene.org Awards. We saw during the creative compos, that there was many people gathered around the stage, and we hope that many people will be a part of the audience in the auditorium tonight.

What are the Scene.org Awards ?

On the info part of the scene.org awards websites, the scene awards are presented as a way of honoring the previous year of demoscene releases in a more formal setting, and disregarding their ranks in other competitions.

The winners of Scene Awards will be decided by a expert jury, which has a lot of experience in the demo scene. This way the best demos win every year. It's a huge honor to win the Scene.org Award

The Scene.org Awards are held annually at the Breakpoint demoparty in Bingen, Germany, this easter.

LIVE at The Gathering

Saturday 20:00 we'll have a live video link to Break Point, so everyone who are interested can come to the auditorium to see the Scene.org Awards. This is the best of the best, so we will encourage everyone to the best demo scene happening of the year.

cart - 07 April, 2007 13:24

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