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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

The winner is announced

The IT recruitment bureau, dignus were giving away one PS3 to one lucky winner today. The only requirements to participate in the lottery was to be over 18 years old and attend the seminar they were holding about a career in IT. We snatched an interview with the lucky winner, Tor Gaute Lien from Kapp, but first a little bit more about the seminar.

The topic was 'geeks and consultants' where the lecturer was Rolf Marvin "Roffe" Bøe Lindgren, a self-described geeky psychologist who is now the head of dignus.

He told us about different personality profiles and where geeks and consultants scored opposite and what geeks should do to make them appear more consultant-like to be more desirable for the work market - you can be the best hacker in the world, but if you still have absolutely no social skills, you will find it hard in a work environment, was one of the topics here.

It is very important for a hardcore geek to work on his or hers social skills so that he or she will be able to communicate with the people he or she talks to and come off as helpful and friendly. Many geeks gets carried away talking about something they're passionate about, which is nice, but it has to be understandable for the person listening, especially if that person is a client or a colleague.

Although it was a very interesting seminar and Roffe made many good points, many people was there because in the end of his speech they were giving away a free PS3. We interviewed the winner, Tor Gaute. -My friend is a PS3 fan and very interested in Linux as well, so it was decided that we were going to see this seminar even before I knew about the lottery. I signed up for the lottery in the auditorium, so winning the PS3 was just a really great bonus, he said, and admits that he was very shocked when he first heard they read up his phone number (they weren't able to read his hand writing, so they had to read his phone number instead). -First I thought that "this isn't happening! Why should I be winning anything?" and then I started thinking that "hey, my fiancée will love this".

Tor Gaute is interested in installing Linux on the PS3 and will leave most of the gaming to his girlfriend. Congrats!

PS3 contest
The lucky winner with his PS3. (Photo: Jørgen Nilssen/Hardware.no)

vilde - 07 April, 2007 21:25

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