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The Gathering 2007

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A chat with Bizardo

If you have been to The Gathering or seen pictures from it some time in the last four years, chances are good that you've seen the work of Bizardo, a case modder out of the ordinary whose creations are becoming a symbol for TG, the same way the vikingship and 7rym are to name a few.

We managed to sit down and have a chat with Bizardo only one hour before he left the party about how he ended up making the most unique case mods that have become famous not only outside the party, but also outside the country's borders.

Bizardo and Stewie (photo by Øyvind Malin aka Gather)

-I started out because everybody said that casemodding was really cool, you know with neon lights in different colors and plexiglas and all of that, and I really wanted to do something different that nobody else - at least not in Norway - had ever done before. However, I have seen another figure case here this year, so we'll probably see more in the years to come.

He explains that he chooses his figures from his favorite TV-shows (Stewie is from Family Guy, Bender and Leela is from Futurama) and that he spent about two months making Stewie, not counting the time he used designing and making the technical drawings and other organizing.

-I try to surpass myself every year, but it's getting more and more difficult, but also, people are making more extreme case mods every year now, so to be able to stand a chance in case mod compos, I feel that I have to surpass them as well as myself, he adds.

It all started out with Tux (2004), followed by Bender (2005), Leela (2006) and now, Stewie. They are all unique on the inside as well as the outside - Tux had the same motherboard as in normal computers because he was big enough for that, Leela and Bender had mini-ITX motherboards and Stewie has a nano-ITX motherboard. The specs for Stewie are 1 gHZ processor, 512 MB ram and a 100 gigabyte hard drive. -I wanted to run Ubuntu Linux on him, but it didn't cooperate with my graphics card, so I ended up installing pclinuxOS on it instead and it runs everything smoothly, he informs me.

Stewie (photo by Øyvind Malin aka Gather)

Like any evil genious baby with respect for himself, Stewie can talk and so can his computer case clone. Unfortunately the background noise made it more or less impossible to hear exactly what he said, but the fact that he does speak is pretty cool.

In the end, Bizardo confessed that he couldn't take all credits for Stewie - he admitted that his mom had made the clothes, so we have to take our hats off for Bizardo's mom as well.

That was it for this year, but I'm sure we will see something new and exciting next year

Bizardo's homepage

vilde - 07 April, 2007 23:22

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