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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Females at TG

As we all have become aware of, the percentage of girls attending The Gathering increase every year. We find it appropriate to get a feel for why girls find The Gathering worthy of their time. Some 03.30 two brave crew members of Info:Content went for a strawl in the ship looking for girls. Contrary to what one might think, it wasn't hard finding them.


It's the first gathering for Susann(16). Unlike other girls, she's here to meet people, play CS(1.6 at that). She's quite a rookie at gaming, but she's not her for the game, but for the people. There's just so much going on that she doesn't know what's the highlight. The guy who called his mother and asked for advice on condoms and the wrestling is on top of the list. She's getting tired of Arne, but she'll be back next year.


Mari(15) is at her second gathering. She's here with her boyfriend, only for the social part. She loves the TG spirit and the fact that the percentage of girls keep increasing.


For the second year in a row, Mette(16) is here. She's here with her friends to meet new people, enjoy the social life and play World of Warcraft. Unlike other girls she's actually quite good at gaming, she's at a stunning level 70! She confirms what we all have learned to love, that wherever you turn you'll find someone nice to talk to.


Sissel(16) is the most brave of them all, she volounteered to come on stage on 7ryms show. She says she'll be back next year for sure.


Julie(17) is attending this years gathering for the very first time. She really likes it here, and will return next year. She is here for the social part, but she is also playing games and chatting with friends on IRC. She's also here to meet new friends and friends she have met on the internet. She thinks The Gathering is a great happening, and she have a lot positive things to say about The Gathering 2007.


Ida(17) plays World of Warcraft as well, but unlike Mette she's not at level 70 quite yeat. She's planning on reaching level 40 before she leaves The Gathering. Even though she spends hours playing, that's not why she's here. She's here to experience the TG spirit. According to reliable judges, you reach TG nirvana only after consuming large quantities of caffeine and sugar. Her TG highlight was the dance compo. She only made it to the latino, but says she'll be back next year and we suspect she'll practice dancing and blow everybodys mind in a years time. She would like to know how it's like to be a member of the crew and says she might even apply for a position next year.

She confirms something we in the crew have known all along: if your shoulders are getting all tied up, ask Eileen to work some magic. She kicks ass at massaging!

The Gathering Crew is looking forward to seeing you at The Gathering 08!

knutin - 08 April, 2007 05:19

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