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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Ticket sale - more information

The lottery ends December 1st at 23:00.
This is not the same as the start time for the ticket sale.

We will send out emails with information after the lottery ends, but we do not have a more accurate time to give you. Just be patient.

Check your email, and also your spam filter just in case.

The ticket price is 640NOK + 30NOK fee = 670NOK in total. This is the same price as TG06! :-)

You will have 72 hours to enter the shop before you have to enter the queue again. (NB The mail from PTN says 48 hours, this is a misunderstanding, you do have 72 hours to enter the shop.
You can pay either with VISA or MasterCard, or you can get a KID number. (PTN need to have the money within 10 days, please note that the transfer can take some days).

The tickets are refundable until March 15th 12:00, and you will get 640NOK back (to the bank number the payment came from), which is the price of the ticket. The ticket fee will not be refunded

Information about the seating will be available when most of the tickets are sold out!

cruz - 01 December, 2006 22:24

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