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The Gathering 2007

  • NTNU
  • QPad
  • ZyXEL
  • Asus
  • AMT
  • Spreadshirt

Organised by KANDU

A computer party is where people bring their own computers to meet other people with the same interest. Some regard it as a high-tech sporting venue, some as an opportunity to meet friends.

Others still look at it as an opportunity to show off their new computer artworks, be it music, graphics or pure programming skills.

The Gathering is a computer party.

The Eventful Gathering

The Gathering is big. The first Gathering, held in 1992, had 1100 attendees. The numbers increased steadily over the years. Now, The Gathering houses 5200 people every Easter, and has done so since 2004. We simply cannot fit any more people.

With that many people in one arena, you are sooner or later going to bump into someone. It might be the people you've chatted with, played games with or people who share the same interest in obscure computer hardware.

Bring your friends to one of the many events at The Gathering, such as the stage shows, democompos, movies or the KANDU ChillOut Zone.

Everything is set for a party that lasts 24 hours a day for 5 days.

The Computer Arts Gathering

The Gathering was started by and for people who use their computers for creative purposes. They compose music, create pictures, video, and 3-dimensional worlds. Sometimes, the art is within the computer itself and how one programs it to do something for which it was not designed.

The Gathering hosts several creative competitions, so-called demo-compos, where everyone at the party can vote on who made the better piece.

The Electronic Sports Gathering

What would The Gathering be without some solid game competitions?

Fragging your buddy with just a couple of milliseconds to spare, milking out the last bit of resources just in time to build your last trooper - for many, this is what it is all about

The Gathering has one of the worlds largest temporary computer networks, connecting over 5200 computers. This means there's always someone to play with, and at the The Gathering, you can compete with the best.

Copyright (c) 1996-2007 KANDU and contributors

Design by: PAL/Offence/A (Flott altsaa)

The Gathering is a registered trademark by KANDU

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