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The Gathering 2007

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Organised by KANDU

Easter 2007 is drawing closer, and as the previous years that means it's time for the annual logo-competition! Battle it out with your friends to create that "killer" TG07 logo.

This year you can also enter our theme-competition and choose the theme for TG07. Good luck.

The deadline is January 14th 23:59.

Quick info and rules

  1. The main logo has to say "The Gathering 2007", not "TG07". We've had this rule every year but that doesn't seem to stop plenty of people to send us "TGxx-logos. Please don't do that. :)
  2. Your name/group must not be included on the logo.
  3. It must not look like any of the past logos - be creative!
  4. Compo ends 14.01.2007 - Submit your logo by then or loose your chance.
  5. You can not participate with more than 2 logos. No exceptions!
  6. It should work both at a website and on a white t-shirt (oblong) so don't use dark backgrounds and things like that. Remember, it's a logo, not a wallpaper!
  7. We'll need either high-res PNG (or other common lossless format) or vector images (*.AI, *.SVG or *.EPS). (no low-quality JPEG or huge BMP images will be allowed).

Tips/Additional rules

When you design the logo, remember that a logo is not just some text on top of a picture from TG. Just starting Photoshop, finding some webcam-picture from last years event and smacking some ugly font with overlay-effects won't cut it - be creative!

Also remember that the logo will be used on the TG 2007 t-shirt which will be handed out to every participant of the party so it has to look good at some distance and not just up close. Feel free to make one website logo and one t-shirt logo as long as they look about the same/has the same feel/is based on the same original concept.

Again: do not write only "TG07". The name of the party is "The Gathering 2007"! You are welcome to make your second contribution a "TG06"-version or t-shirt version though.

Send in your logo(s) in a reasonably sized PNG or JPEG format (that means no bigger than 1024x768 please) when you enter the competition. If we like your logo we will ask for a higher resolution/vector-version for official use. Please name your files you@your.isp.1.ext, you@your.isp.2.ext, etc. so that we avoid duplicate filenames.

Note! We reserve the right not to use any of the contributions received. We also reserve the right to use any contribution any way we se fit.

Information about you. If you should win the contest, we need to get in touch with you.
Your name
Your suggestion for a theme. Write a bit about your idea for the theme.
Logo competition.

Send an email to logocompo at gathering dot org with the logo(s) and your name/nick.

Copyright (c) 1996-2007 KANDU and contributors

Design by: PAL/Offence/A (Flott altsaa)

The Gathering is a registered trademark by KANDU

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