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Organizers TG2009/2010


News on the tax case

Our tax case is progessing - update!

April Fool

Results from the creative compos

Lost and found

Winner combined demo

Winner of WC3


The C&C 3 winner

Results from the Creative competitions

Results from the game compos

Happy Hour!!!1

Påskenøtter - Lørdag

More videos

How to make a demo

Protest march in the media

Fridays wrestling show

Panoramapicture from the protestmarch

Påskenøtter - Friday



Revenge of the nerds

TheNews gathering#3!

Scientific Inquiry

Live from the VAT demo

Fast Intro Theme

Nerdswim at Ankerskogen

Resirk has room for more

Lecture on userfriendliness in Desktop-Linux

Girls at The Gathering


Video against the tax case!

Watch out!

Harald Zwart supports The Gathering

Protest march on friday

Compo: Create the best banner for the demonstration

Påskenøtter - Thursday

TheNews gathering #2

Show us YOUR pictures

Grandiosa contest

Announcement from Event:Demo

Lecture from Valve Software on TGTV

Gigantic picture of the party

TheNews gathering #4 is here

Lecture on nano technology

Hyperion: VAT at The Gathering

Get paid for playing games

Reason Fast Music : download the .rns file

Create a musicvideo and win prizes from Samsung!

How to crack a net bank

Resirk wants your garbage

Event:Game info meeting

Game compos: First round

Microsoft XNA Development Course

The Gathering 2008 Prime Puzzle

Easter bath

Opening show

NRK Halvseint

The computerparty this easter might be the last


Nanotechnology and the future of computing

Recycling lottery

Entry live!

Schedule for the creative competitions

Funcom on stage

Network Status

Cooler bricks

Stands for Switches


Howto: Game Compo Signups


Protest on the tax case

Overclockers at TG

TG08 webcam up and running!

Silence before the storm

Pain is for lamers, TG is forever!

World-class Overclocking with liquid nitrogen at ASUS booth

Servers from Sun has arrived!

Visitor tickets

TG08 Network details

Our tax case is progressing

WCG QTOUR Championship

Important information regarding seating

Rules for the game-compos

Things to do before arrival

Bring your swim suit!

Show at The Gathering

Aktiv Reklame

Crew For A Day

Evacuation plans

Why 2,9Gbit/s + 100Mbit/s?

Official Event Radio - Radio3

PTNcards has been sent

Hotels in Hamar

WCG Norway National Final

Reserve your seat today

The Invtro is here

Signup for the Game Competitions

Seating up and running again

Demosceners, take your seats!

Pushing the limits - our friends at BaneTele just got even better!

Higher prizes in Competitions

Event:Vision expands

Gathering.org - Norwegian Version

Seating Schedule

Rules and description for the creative competitions

Rules for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne competition

WARNING: Refund Date

Free Pre-The-Gathering-Gathering!

Rules for the game competitions

Prizes for the creative competitions


Important news

Travelling by train?

The creative compos theme

Lyst til å bidra med å skape liv på TG08?

Still foreigner-tickets left!

Tickets sold out

TG 2008 Logo

Creative Compos

Merry Christmas

Buss fra Drammen

Buss fra Os/Nesttun/Bergen

Forum users awarded

Invalid mail addresses

Normal ticket eller non-member ticket?

The queue is moving

Winner of Your best TG memory compo

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Q&A session with Vegard Skjefstad

New Website

Apply For Crew

The new KANDU board

Theme - Optimus Prime

The store is open

WCG07 - Creo won WC3

KANDU - Annual General Meeting

The Gathering 08 Ticket Sales

And the winner is...

Crew applications accepted

Topnotch CompoPCs

Sleeping tents open

Microsoft XNA Compo

  • NTNU
  • Asus
  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • Razer
  • Netshop
  • Netshop
  • Hi-Fi klubben
  • Creative
  • Panther
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Sennheiser


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