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By Berit Emilie Nordbø
Published: 20. Jan 2008, 14:07

As we are an organization with only volunteers, we ask you to respect that we prefer email as a way of answering questions. All the people involved with The Gathering are either students or have a daytime job. Please do not call any of the Organizers if their number is not listed on this page - unless you have been told to do so.

Every piece of information which are concerning compo's, ticket release dates, seating schedule and events on The Gathering will be announced on our web page which you are browsing right now. We will also publish other news on the page, so please check it a few times a week to stay updated!

We also wish to direct your attention to our excellent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before you send an email. A lot of the most common questions are answered there.

If you are sending an email to us, please attach your contact information so that we can contact you. Please, use either Norwegian or English when you write to us. Although we understand g33k154 and some Klingon, it is hard for us to use it all day long :-)

Sponsor contact

Email: sponsor at gathering dot org
Phone:+47 901 19 966

Our sponsor contact can be contacted by sending an email to sponsor at gathering dot org. Please note that all commercial activity (sales, advertisements, etc.) within the party-area must have a written approval. Please contact us for more information.

Press contact

Email: press at gathering dot org
Phone:+47 481 75 808

The press contact is responsible for handling all press related questions. Please, do not call this number if you do not have press related questions. The press contact can not help you with anything.

Please take a look at the press info too.

Ticket related questions

The Gathering is using partyticket.net to handle all ticket related matters. We ask you kindly to use their support system if you have any problems with your account. They can answer questions such as "why can't I order any tickets?", "I wrote the KID number in the wrong field when I payed for my ticket" and so on.

Their support system is available at partyticket.net/feedback

General suggestions

We would like you to post your suggestions in our forum which are read by a number of people from the crew on a daily basis. There you can also get feedback on your ideas from other participants to make your ideas even better!

Participants Ombudsman

Email: do at gathering dot org
Phone: +47 90 20 84 54

Our participants ombudsman is available by email or phone. If you need some special arrangements at The Gathering, she is the right person to contact. She will also take input from you if you have some important feedback or suggestions which are not suitable for publication in our forum (http://forum.gathering.org). She will also answer questions from concerned parents after they have read parents info!

Crew Ombudsman

Email: co at gathering dot org

If you have any questions related to the crew, please contact the CO. She will answer questions related to your crew application or specific questions about the crews at The Gathering.

Game related questions

Email: game at gathering dot org

If you have any questions about the game compo's, please contact game at gathering.org. They will happily answer your questions!

Demo related questions

Email: demo at gathering dot org

If you have any questions about the creative compo's, please contact demo at gathering.org.


Email:security at gathering dot org

If you have any questions about security related matters you can contact security at gathering dot org. Please read the security information before you send an email as a lot of the most common questions are answered there.

Medical issues

Email: medic at gathering dot org

You have a medical issue you want our medical crew to know about? Please send an email to medic at gathering dot org.

Problems with the web page

Email: webmaster at gathering dot org

If you have problems with the web page, please send an error report to our webmasters.

Wannabe related problems

Email: wannabe at gathering dot org

If you have problems with crew management system, please send an error report to the crew behind wannabe. Please not that these guys can not answer questions related to your specific crew application. Those questions should be answered by our Crew Ombudsman.

All other questions

Email: info at gathering dot org

If you have come this far and still have a question or a suggestion, please do not hesitate to write an email to info at gathering org. We will try to answer your email or forward it to someone that can. Please note that we can not answer questions about tickets since Partyticket is handling ticket issues.

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