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Organizers TG2009/2010

Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 September, 2008 00:10

KANDU har utlyst stillingene i ledelsen for The Gathering 2009. I tillegg utlyser de to stabsfunksjoner: Economy og koordinator.

Nytt av året er at KANDU-styret har vedtatt å gå over til toårsverv for The Gathering-ledelsen. Halvparten av TG09's ledergruppe vil også bli valgt for TG10. Det er mulig å reservere seg mot å bli valgt for 2 år.

For mer informasjon, last ned utlysningen (PDF)

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Berit Emilie Nordbø 16 August, 2008 00:14

KANDU and The Gathering won the tax case! The following information is in norwegian, but will be translated!

News on the tax case

Stian Johansen 04 August, 2008 08:59

In the last days of July, the Norwegian tax enforcement agency said what was their final decision concerning our tax case. The Gathering now has a million NOK bill to pay within the 8th of August. This includes a 75,000 NOK fine for not paying taxes from day one, aswell as 200,000 NOK interest.
Hopes are, we will receive financial support, still KANDU is actively struggling to prove that concerts, competitions, gaming, lectures and youth doing enormous amounts of voluntary work actually is what we know; creative and active youth culture.

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Our tax case is progessing - update!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 30 May, 2008 11:26

Finally KANDU has more information for you, about the tax case. kandu.no/index.php?id=75. (Norwegian)

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April Fool

Joakim Espevik 02 April, 2008 00:08

Even though it might would have been nice that way, attendees that took part in the protest march during The Gathering 2008 will not receive a free ticket. This was a simple April Fool.

Did we trick you?

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Results from the creative compos

Berit Emilie Nordbø 26 March, 2008 20:15

The complete list of results are ready. You can download the entries from ftp.gathering.org :-)

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Lost and found

Berit Emilie Nordbø 23 March, 2008 23:06

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Subject: LF - Teddybear, yellow and pink. Laughs when tickled on belly"

Bodytext should contain when, where and how the item in question was lost, as well as colour, shape and smell.

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Winner combined demo

Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 19:17

The winner of combined demo this year turned out to be Camden Town by PlayPsyCo vs. Kvasigen.

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Winner of WC3

Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:37

It was Henrik Lohne, also known as spc.HenL, that won the first place in Warcraft 3 this years TG.

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Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:58

The winner of this years COD4-compo thinks the norwegian COD4-community is low on skills.

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