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By Knut Ivar Nesheim
Published: 29. Sep 2007, 15:27

Last year, 5500 visitors attended the annual event which takes place at Vikingskipet Olympic Arena in Hamar, Norway, and lasts for five consecutive days.

When: 19.03.08 - 23.03.08
Where: The Vikingskipet Olympic Arena, Hamar, Norway
What: The Gathering is the second largest computerparty in the world.

Tickets: Visit our shop at partyticket.net.

  • The Gathering 2008 ticket incl. KANDU-membership: 800 NOK + 37 NOK ticketfee
  • The Gathering 2008 ticket without KANDU-membership: 1000 NOK + 45 NOK ticketfee
  • The Gathering 2008 ticket - foreigners only! : 400 NOK + 21 NOK ticketfee

Why: The Gathering (or "TG" for short) as been arranged since 1992 and has always been a hub for young creative people to battle it out in many types of competitions; demo-coding, music, graphics, animation, game and hardware-modification, to name a few.

Every year, young and old computer enthusiasts gather to share experiences, meet new friends and have a great time at one of the most unique events of our time - The Gathering.

The Gathering is a non-profit event, arranged largely with the help of over two hundred volunteers.

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