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By Knut Ivar Nesheim
Published: 29. Sep 2007, 17:12

Press contact:

Pål Eivind J. Nes
Mail: press at gathering dot org
Phone number: +47 481 75 808

This number can only be used by the press, all other questions will be answered by mail.

Press Information

The Gathering has its own press liaison team. The team will assist you in finding the right participant, event or crew member for your story.

The Gathering has also established a facility where members of the press can connect their equipment, and or just relax if they want to stay at TG for a while. To provide you with our best service, we would appreciate it if you notify us before your arrival.

This can easily be done by sending an email to press at gathering dot org with the following information:

  • Who's coming and how many are coming?
  • Who are you representing?
  • Do you have special needs or events you wish to cover during the party?
  • When are you coming and how long do you plan to stay?

The Gathering welcomes all members of the press to participate.

Press releases will not be translated into English, but if you contact us we will provide you with the information you need. Major events will be covered in English on our website.

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