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PTN-registration guide

By Mats Frøiland
Published: 17. Nov 2007, 22:02

How to register an account at partyticket.net

Go to partyticket.net/login if you already have on, and here if you don't.
Type in your email address and press "Look me up". Hopefully you will get this message: "No people were found that match this, please try with first name or your email address...". Then press "Create new account".

Please fill in your details and then press save.

You will now get the message "Done registering - Partyticket.net" at the top.
Check your email, ptn just sent you an email, if you entered a wrong email address, please go to your page and fix the email address now.

Hopefully you will get an email with subject "PTN account activation" and click on the link as the email says. (You have 14 days to activate your account).

If you don't get an email from PTN, please check out this form and fill it out. PTN will get in touch with you asap.

Then you get the message "Thank you for confirming your email change. Your email has been changed from nothing to [your email].

You will now have the opportunity to fill inn all information about yourself needed at "Edit details".
You can also click "Member Card and assign your VISA or MasterCard as a member card. Then write in your card number and press "Add this card".

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