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Results from the creative compos

Berit Emilie Nordbø 26 March, 2008 20:15

The complete list of results are ready. You can download the entries from ftp.gathering.org :-)

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Results from the Creative competitions

Øyvind Malin 23 March, 2008 08:47

Here are the results from the creativecompetitions. Complete listings will be added later.

Microsoft XNA Compo

Stian Johansen 21 March, 2008 17:52
The Microsofts XNA Compo is now on! Theme: Everything goes. Deadline: Saturday at 12:00 Send your contributions to petriw@gmail.com and get the possibility of winning Windows Vista Ultimate or an XBOX 360 Halo Edition!
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Fast Intro Theme

Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 March, 2008 12:16

This years theme are:

  • Rick Roll
  • Games as culture
  • Pretty in pink
Good luck! ;) Remember the deadline 20.00!

Compo: Create the best banner for the demonstration

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 23:44

Friday at 17:00, we'll march from Vikingskipet (TG08) to Hamar centre. The march will take about 15 minutes (see seperate article for details).

Create the best slogan and send it to moms at kandu dot no or have the best banner/coolest/loudest part of the demonstration, and you will win prizes!

There will be a banner workshop at KANDU Chillout and Hyperion at 15:30 friday.

Note: obscene contributions will be censored.

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Påskenøtter - Thursday

Trond Sjøvang 20 March, 2008 21:13

"Påskenøtter" is a nice tradition in Norway where the family get together, watch the TV-Show, solve the quiz and win really lousy prizes. We, here at The Gathering know you all miss your family and will of course give you a nice little sample of "påskenøtter" for you to enjoy. (and our prizes are way better)

Answers can be sent to tgtv at gathering dot org

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Påskenøtter - Torsdag

Trond Sjøvang 20 March, 2008 21:03

Påskenøtter er en fin tradisjon hvor familien samles, ser på TV, finner svar på spørsmålene og vinner skikkelig kjipe premier. Vi, her på The Gathering vet at dere savner familiene deres alle sammen og vil selvfølgelig gi dere helt unike Påskenøtter dere kan kose dere med. (og i tillegg er premiene våre mye fetere)

Svar kan sendes tgtv at gathering dot org. Premiene er levert av Netshop.no

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Announcement from Event:Demo

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 18:17

Please hand in your entry via Partyticket.net or personally at the democrew room.

If you hand in your contribution personally, please include an info.txt with contact information. We have to disqualify contributions without any contact information, and we don't wish to do that.

We <3 demos.

Reason Fast Music : download the .rns file

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 13:02

The Reason Fast Music compo has been delayed, but now you can download the .rns-file.

Remember the new deadline: 18.00

Download the .rns-file (right-click and choose save as)

Create a musicvideo and win prizes from Samsung!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 11:35

World Cyber Games wants to announce a competition: Create a music video with World Cyber Games theme and graphics.

The Gathering 2008 Prime Puzzle

Mats Frøiland 20 March, 2008 04:55

Just like 2006 we'll arrange a puzzle this year to test your thinking skills

We have great prizes in this years puzzle.

The player who reaches the highest level will win the competition. If more than one reach the same level there will be a lottery for the first place.

Click here to register and attend to TG08 prime puzzle

The Gathering 2008 Prime Puzzle

Mats Frøiland 20 March, 2008 04:20

Som i 2006 drar vi nå i gang en puzzle for å testet hjernecellene til deltakerene våre.

Vi har fått flotte premier i år til vår puzzle.

Det vil ikke bli trukket vinner på første mann til slutten, men det vil være den som har kommet lengst som vinner. Dersom flere kommer like langt vil det bli loddtrekkning.

Klikk her for å registrere deg og delta i TG08 prime puzzle

Schedule for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 18 March, 2008 22:47

Attending the creative competitions? Then you better check this out: Schedule for the creative competitions. Here you'll see when we announce themes and when all entries must be handed in.

Howto: Game Compo Signups

Mats Frøiland 17 March, 2008 10:55

Hello there all gamers. Its very important that all contestants signs up for the game competitions before the deadline. That's why we now have made a "how-to" for signups, so that you can sign up yourself or your team at the right time.

The deadline for stage 1 and 2 singup is 23:00 Wednesday 19.03.08 (TG Day 1)

Read more for explanation on how to sign up for game compos.

WCG QTOUR Championship

Joakim Espevik 12 March, 2008 11:36

In addition to the usual game-compos at The Gathering, WCG QTOUR Championship will arrange the most prestigious 1on1 aim tournament in the world.

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Mats Frøiland 10 March, 2008 12:17

For the first time in history, The Gathering will be the scene for a costume-carnival.

WCG Norway National Final

Mats Frøiland 03 March, 2008 22:44

We're happy to say that the World Cyber Games (WCG) will have two game compos at The Gathering 2008

Signup for the Game Competitions

Trond Sjøvang 02 March, 2008 22:22

Partyticket has now opened up signups for all the Game Competitions that will be held on The Gathering 2008. If you plan on participating you need to sign up before 23:00 on March 19. Sign up here.

If you want more information about rules, prizes etc you can find more information about each competition here

Higher prizes in Competitions

Trond Sjøvang 29 February, 2008 08:23

We have some great news for everyone that plans to participate in a competition on this year's party: We have increased the prizes! Click the links below for the full overview:

The High Quality Music compo wasn't updated because of a typo. Now they are also improved.

Rules and description for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 23 February, 2008 11:59

Rules for the creative competitions at The Gathering 2008 can be found here.

If you're newbie or just want to get more information, read this. All honours to Duckers from Outracks!

Rules for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne competition

Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 February, 2008 14:49

Updated: Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars

Rules for the game competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 12 February, 2008 14:02

Rules for Quake 4, Warcraft 3 and Call Of Duty 4 will be announced later.

Prizes for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 11 February, 2008 23:45

Prizes for the creative competitions can be found here!


Øyvind Malin 06 February, 2008 20:23

Due to lack of interest, the Gamecrew decided to cancel the ENEMY TERRITORY : QUAKE WARS compo. Instead there will be a Warcraft 3 compo

The creative compos theme

Joakim Espevik 03 February, 2008 22:54
There has been a mistake. We earlier announced that the theme for every creative compos were the same, but this were a mistake. Environmental Earth Values (either serious or ironic view) and/or Transformers is the theme for Themed graphics compo, and only that.

Creative Compos

Mats Frøiland 07 January, 2008 15:56

Here are information about the creative compos at The Gathering 2008

Winner of Your best TG memory compo

Mats Frøiland 03 December, 2007 19:05

The jury has now decided the winner of "My best TG memory"

And the winner is...

And the winner is...

Joakim Espevik 13 November, 2007 14:11

The jury has now decided who is to receive the very first ticket to The Gathering 2008!

WCG07 - Creo won WC3

Mats Frøiland 08 October, 2007 13:40

Olav Undheim aka Creo of 4k, won the Warcraft 3 compo at The Gathering, where the prize were 7000 NOK, and a ticket to Seattle, to the World Cyber Games 2007.

Sunday night he won the WC3 final in Seattle


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  • The Gathering 2006 0097
  • Jonas_Bustadmo-aka-Murstein-1205961590
  • Simen-aka-xerko-1205996483
  • HPIM0278
  • Espen_Gunvaldsen-aka-Echo-1205976070
  • TSG_0018
  • Sivert_Uhre-aka-OPPDATERT_BILDE_FRA_HJELMEN-1206099487
  • dsc01617
  • Morten-aka-Netrom-1206048865
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  • Robin_Loe-aka-Loedott-1206196210

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