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Q&A session with Vegard Skjefstad

Mats Frøiland 20 November, 2007 14:45

Vegard Skjefstad is the Core:Organizer at The Gathering 2008. He was one of the guys who started The Gathering back in 1992, and he always has a lot of information that we would like to give to the readers of gathering.org.

Many of you are curious about what is going on before The Gathering, and how much is there really to prepare before the doors open?
We made a Q&A session with Vegard.

Apply For Crew

Ida Hundeide 05 November, 2007 14:19

Work at The Gathering? Don't worry, you can still apply for a crew position.. We're still accepting!

Crew Descriptions

Mats Frøiland 30 September, 2007 21:04

There are a multitude of crews at The Gathering. Most of them are highly specialized, and require certain talents. Please read through this explanation before you apply for crew.

Norwegian version: crewbeskrivelse

Crew applications accepted

Mats Frøiland 30 September, 2007 18:36

We are now accepting applications for the crew at The Gathering 2008

Apply here: wannabe.gathering.org

Vi tar nå i mot crewsøknader for The Gathering 2008.

Søknaden sendes inn på wannabe.gathering.org


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