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The C&C 3 winner

Stian Johansen 23 March, 2008 06:56

Pascal Pfefferle aka Dackel won the Command & Conquer 3 compo. He's been travelling all the way from Germany to take part in The Gathering. -The gaming rewards were very high, and there were so many good games in the compos, so i decided to go. -The gaming didn't turn out that bad either. - I won all the games without problem, but I was kicked back a little in the final round. It ended with victory anyway, he says in German behind a wall of rewards.

I ask him if one can live of gaming. he gives it a spin before he answers: -I would think so, but not with a game like Command and Conquer 3 because this isn't famous enough.

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Results from the game compos

Ida Hundeide 23 March, 2008 03:46

The results from the Counter-Strike Source compo is ready. This site will be updated with the results from the other compos as soon as we get them.

Counter-Strike Source

1. Team Energia
2. Alchemist
3. tweaked

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Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 March, 2008 20:41

We recommend you to check out this site: tgbf.tv. They will offer live streams from WCG QTOUR Championship at The Gathering, and they also have TGBF-radio on their website.

Event:Game info meeting

Stian Johansen 20 March, 2008 09:32

Game crew invites all clan chiefs who are attending the game compos to come to the auditorium in the north end of the ship at 10:00 for a briefing on the games.

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Topnotch CompoPCs

Øyvind Malin 19 March, 2008 11:40

Event:Game reports that this years CompoPCs are among the best available on the market today.

The machines are barebones and have the following specifications:

Asus V3-P5G31
CPU: Intel E6850 Dual-core
RAM: 2 Gb
GFX: Nvidia 8800GT
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Howto: Game Compo Signups

Mats Frøiland 17 March, 2008 10:55

Hello there all gamers. Its very important that all contestants signs up for the game competitions before the deadline. That's why we now have made a "how-to" for signups, so that you can sign up yourself or your team at the right time.

The deadline for stage 1 and 2 singup is 23:00 Wednesday 19.03.08 (TG Day 1)

Read more for explanation on how to sign up for game compos.

Game-compo rules

Joakim Espevik 11 March, 2008 23:30

Here are the rules for all the game-compos

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WCG Norway National Final

Mats Frøiland 03 March, 2008 22:44

We're happy to say that the World Cyber Games (WCG) will have two game compos at The Gathering 2008

Signup for the Game Competitions

Trond Sjøvang 02 March, 2008 22:22

Partyticket has now opened up signups for all the Game Competitions that will be held on The Gathering 2008. If you plan on participating you need to sign up before 23:00 on March 19. Sign up here.

If you want more information about rules, prizes etc you can find more information about each competition here

Higher prizes in Competitions

Trond Sjøvang 29 February, 2008 08:23

We have some great news for everyone that plans to participate in a competition on this year's party: We have increased the prizes! Click the links below for the full overview:

The High Quality Music compo wasn't updated because of a typo. Now they are also improved.

Rules for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne competition

Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 February, 2008 14:49

Updated: Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars

Rules for the game competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 12 February, 2008 14:02

Rules for Quake 4, Warcraft 3 and Call Of Duty 4 will be announced later.

Prizes for the game competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 12 February, 2008 12:31

Prizes will be given in Norwegian Kroner AND/OR Value. As an example, this means the third place in the Quake-compo could be given hardware worth of 1500.

Quake :

1. 12.000
2. 3.500
3. 1.500


1. 50.000
2. 10.000
3. 5.000


1. 25.000
2. 7.000
3. 3.000


1. 20.000
2. 3.500
3. 1.500


1. 10.000
2. 3.000
3. 1.000


1. 10.000
2. 3.000
3. 1.000

Back to the Game Competitions

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Øyvind Malin 06 February, 2008 20:23

Due to lack of interest, the Gamecrew decided to cancel the ENEMY TERRITORY : QUAKE WARS compo. Instead there will be a Warcraft 3 compo

WCG07 - Creo won WC3

Mats Frøiland 08 October, 2007 13:40

Olav Undheim aka Creo of 4k, won the Warcraft 3 compo at The Gathering, where the prize were 7000 NOK, and a ticket to Seattle, to the World Cyber Games 2007.

Sunday night he won the WC3 final in Seattle


Mats Frøiland 30 September, 2007 22:39

All news and information about the game competitions will be announced on this site.

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