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Organizers TG2009/2010

Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 September, 2008 00:10

KANDU har utlyst stillingene i ledelsen for The Gathering 2009. I tillegg utlyser de to stabsfunksjoner: Economy og koordinator.

Nytt av året er at KANDU-styret har vedtatt å gå over til toårsverv for The Gathering-ledelsen. Halvparten av TG09's ledergruppe vil også bli valgt for TG10. Det er mulig å reservere seg mot å bli valgt for 2 år.

For mer informasjon, last ned utlysningen (PDF)

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News on the tax case

Stian Johansen 04 August, 2008 08:59

In the last days of July, the Norwegian tax enforcement agency said what was their final decision concerning our tax case. The Gathering now has a million NOK bill to pay within the 8th of August. This includes a 75,000 NOK fine for not paying taxes from day one, aswell as 200,000 NOK interest.
Hopes are, we will receive financial support, still KANDU is actively struggling to prove that concerts, competitions, gaming, lectures and youth doing enormous amounts of voluntary work actually is what we know; creative and active youth culture.

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Our tax case is progessing - update!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 30 May, 2008 11:26

Finally KANDU has more information for you, about the tax case. kandu.no/index.php?id=75. (Norwegian)

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April Fool

Joakim Espevik 02 April, 2008 00:08

Even though it might would have been nice that way, attendees that took part in the protest march during The Gathering 2008 will not receive a free ticket. This was a simple April Fool.

Did we trick you?

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Lost and found

Berit Emilie Nordbø 23 March, 2008 23:06

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Subject: LF - Teddybear, yellow and pink. Laughs when tickled on belly"

Bodytext should contain when, where and how the item in question was lost, as well as colour, shape and smell.

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Winner combined demo

Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 19:17

The winner of combined demo this year turned out to be Camden Town by PlayPsyCo vs. Kvasigen.

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Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:58

The winner of this years COD4-compo thinks the norwegian COD4-community is low on skills.

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Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:55

The winner of this years COD4-compo thinks the norwegian COD4-community is low on skills.

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Winner of WC3

Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:37

It was Henrik Lohne, also known as spc.HenL, that won the first place in Warcraft 3 this years TG.

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Winner of WC3

Leif M. Kirknes 23 March, 2008 07:31

It was henrik Lohne, also known as spc.HenL, that won the first place in Wordlcraft 3 in this years TG.

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Happy Hour!!!1

Trond Sjøvang 22 March, 2008 23:13

From 2300 until midnight you'll receive double points for everything delivered to the recycling stand by the stage

We still have a lot of absolutely faboulous prizes left, including 22" monitors, tours of TG (including a view from the roof), Tickets to TG09, Gift vouchers from Netshop etc, the list just never ends!

Recycle everything, always!

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Protest march in the media

Sondre Langenes 22 March, 2008 00:25

The protest march have generated a lot of publisity today.

We have collected some of them here for you.

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Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 March, 2008 20:41

We recommend you to check out this site: tgbf.tv. They will offer live streams from WCG QTOUR Championship at The Gathering, and they also have TGBF-radio on their website.

Revenge of the nerds

Joakim Espevik 21 March, 2008 19:42

2500 participants at The Gathering when KANDU (Creativ Norwegian ComputerYouth), the organizer group behind The Gathering, arranged a protest march against the tax-proposal against The Gathering.

Chairman in KANDU, Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes, says to gathering.org that he never has been more proud of being a computer nerd than he was during the demonstration. He tells us that he is mighty impressed over the engagement people has shown, and appreciate that so many showed up, even though there were a bit harsh weather.

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TheNews gathering#3!

Sondre Langenes 21 March, 2008 19:35

Check out TheNewsgathering#3!

Live from the VAT demo

Mats Frøiland 21 March, 2008 17:24

Always pushing limits, boldly going where no TG has gone before: This year TGTV have provided us with live streaming from the stage directly in your browser! (way ahead of YouTube) ;)

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

You can find a quicktime-stream at rtsp://stream.tg08.gathering.org/stream.sdp

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Fast Intro Theme

Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 March, 2008 12:16

This years theme are:

  • Rick Roll
  • Games as culture
  • Pretty in pink
Good luck! ;) Remember the deadline 20.00!

Resirk has room for more

Stian Johansen 21 March, 2008 09:55

The resirk stand in the north end of the ship trades bottles, cans and garbage bags for points in their lottery. So far they have about 7300 cans, 2600 bottles and 70 garbage bags, and they have room for more!

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Harald Zwart supports The Gathering

Sondre Langenes 20 March, 2008 23:56

The Norwegian Hollywood-director Harald Zwart supports the organizers of The Gathering in their struggle to be accepted as a cultural happening.

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Protest march on friday

Joakim Espevik 20 March, 2008 23:54

Friday at 17:00, we will march from Vikingskipet (The Gathering 2008) to Hamar centre. The march will take about 15 minutes, depending on weather and how quickly people walk.

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Watch out!

Joakim Espevik 20 March, 2008 22:07

Watch your belongings! They might be stolen!
Bring your sleepingbags and matresses after you have slept, this might be stolen too!

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Show us YOUR pictures

Trond Sjøvang 20 March, 2008 18:29

How are you enjoying TG08 so far? Have you met some friends you haven't seen in ages? Maybe speaked to your guildmates from World of Warcraft for the very first time face to face? Are you chillin like a villain in our Chillout-zone? Is there any events you think should be covered on gathering.org that we've missed?

We are very interested in how YOUR TG-Experience is and have created an upload form where you can upload your own pictures to be shown at gathering.org. All pictures uploaded will be held in a moderation queue and InfoCrew will need to approve your picture before it's published. And oh, please no more overview photos, we have loads and it does become a bit boring after a while ;)

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Announcement from Event:Demo

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 18:17

Please hand in your entry via Partyticket.net or personally at the democrew room.

If you hand in your contribution personally, please include an info.txt with contact information. We have to disqualify contributions without any contact information, and we don't wish to do that.

We <3 demos.

Grandiosa contest

Joakim Espevik 20 March, 2008 18:08

Do you want free Grandiosa for a whole year? This is your chance. Grandiosa wants you to produce their new fan site.

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Hyperion: VAT at The Gathering

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 16:28

Yesterday Hyperion had a presentation about the tax case. If you missed it, don’t worry. A copy of the PowerPoint-presentations is available for downloading. Hyperion will repeat their presentation on Friday 14.00 and Saturday 15.00 in the auditorium.

Download the presentation here (Norwegian)

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Reason Fast Music : download the .rns file

Berit Emilie Nordbø 20 March, 2008 13:02

The Reason Fast Music compo has been delayed, but now you can download the .rns-file.

Remember the new deadline: 18.00

Download the .rns-file (right-click and choose save as)

Resirk wants your garbage

Stian Johansen 20 March, 2008 10:31

The resirk-stand in the north end of the ship is one opportunity to win great prices without being a 1337 fragger or a coder from hell. Deliver all your garbage bags, bottles and cans at their stand to recieve points for the resirk-lottery and win cool stuff!

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The Gathering 2008 Prime Puzzle

Mats Frøiland 20 March, 2008 04:55

Just like 2006 we'll arrange a puzzle this year to test your thinking skills

We have great prizes in this years puzzle.

The player who reaches the highest level will win the competition. If more than one reach the same level there will be a lottery for the first place.

Click here to register and attend to TG08 prime puzzle

The Gathering 2008 Prime Puzzle

Mats Frøiland 20 March, 2008 04:20

Som i 2006 drar vi nå i gang en puzzle for å testet hjernecellene til deltakerene våre.

Vi har fått flotte premier i år til vår puzzle.

Det vil ikke bli trukket vinner på første mann til slutten, men det vil være den som har kommet lengst som vinner. Dersom flere kommer like langt vil det bli loddtrekkning.

Klikk her for å registrere deg og delta i TG08 prime puzzle

Easter bath

Ida Hundeide 20 March, 2008 01:22

On Friday, ChillOut invites the participants to take a easter bath at Ankersskogen.

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Berit Emilie Nordbø 19 March, 2008 19:09

Check out the "TheNewsgathering"! TheNewsgathering will give you daily reports from The Gathering in a .pdf-format.

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Sleeping tents open

Ida Hundeide 19 March, 2008 18:35

The sleeping tents are open and ready for use, so you can go get some shut-eye before the opening show if you wish to!

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Entry live!

Øyvind Malin 19 March, 2008 08:42

We have put up a camera to show you the entry to The Gathering live.

Have a look

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Schedule for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 18 March, 2008 22:47

Attending the creative competitions? Then you better check this out: Schedule for the creative competitions. Here you'll see when we announce themes and when all entries must be handed in.

Scientific Inquiry

Trond Sjøvang 18 March, 2008 21:10

Join in on a Scientific Inquiry
NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) is investigating the use of Computer Games, Knowledge about NTNU and use of Social Websites among the participants at The Gathering 2008. The Inquiry takes about 5-10 minutes to complete and you can win on of the following prizes:

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Sleeping tents

Stian Johansen 18 March, 2008 19:21

Are you looking for a quiet nights sleep? The Gathering will provide the participants with two heated sleeping tents outside the northern entrance this year, expanding the capacity by 100% since last year.

Network Status

Trond Sjøvang 18 March, 2008 16:22

Are you wondering how our network is doing? Tech:Net has provided us with an excellent weathermap: http://stats.tg08.gathering.org/

Cooler bricks

Joakim Espevik 17 March, 2008 22:28

Participants may change their warm cooler bricks with a cold set. Go to info:desk to do trade your own, defrosted brick with a freshly frozen one. This way, you may keep your healthy food fresh even longer!

PS: We can’t give you free cooling bricks. You have to trade your own.

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Stands for Switches

Trond Sjøvang 17 March, 2008 14:34

We don't have our regular stands for switches available this year. This means all switches will be placed on the tables (in an upright position).

We're sorry for the inconvenience

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Berit Emilie Nordbø 17 March, 2008 11:31

If you arrive at the TG location by car, please follow the directions given by security to the parking lot entrance farthest from the arena.

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Howto: Game Compo Signups

Mats Frøiland 17 March, 2008 10:55

Hello there all gamers. Its very important that all contestants signs up for the game competitions before the deadline. That's why we now have made a "how-to" for signups, so that you can sign up yourself or your team at the right time.

The deadline for stage 1 and 2 singup is 23:00 Wednesday 19.03.08 (TG Day 1)

Read more for explanation on how to sign up for game compos.


Berit Emilie Nordbø 16 March, 2008 19:27

This year's floorplan has finally arrived. It shows the expected physical layout for The Gathering 2008. Feel free to study it in order to get a better overview.

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Protest on the tax case

Joakim Espevik 16 March, 2008 16:41

On Friday 21th of March KANDU (Creative Active Norwegian Computer Youth) will organize a protest against the demand for tax on TG-tickets from the government.

KANDU hopes that as many as possible will take part in the protest march from the Vikingship to Hamar city centre. In the city centre there will be short speeches from politicians and youth organizations declaring their support to KANDU in this matter.

Press Release from KANDU (Norwegian Only)
Gathering.org: Our tax case is progressing

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Overclockers at TG

Øyvind Malin 16 March, 2008 01:04

Quite a few extreme overclockers have in later years attended TG. There have even been some world record attempts in the Vikingship earlier years. This year there is a whole row dedicated to people who spend their time pushing their computer equipment to the limit. We had chat with the group to see what this is all about.

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Pain is for lamers, TG is forever!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 15 March, 2008 10:03

We really appreciate all group and clan logos you guys make for yourself! And this year, you can make it permanent on your body too.

Lucky 7 Studios is sending their best artist, Morten, to TG08. They will have all certifications necessary, and will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from around 12:00 until 18:00.

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World-class Overclocking with liquid nitrogen at ASUS booth

Berit Emilie Nordbø 15 March, 2008 09:13

During The Gathering 2008 Kinc & crotale – two of the best overclockers in the world - will once again try to set the new world record LIVE in ASUS booth.

Servers from Sun has arrived!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 22:22

Visitor tickets

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 21:46

Same procedure as last year: Visitor tickets will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10.00 and 20.00

TG08 Network details

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 13:00

Finally tech:net is starting to settle on a design for The Gathering 2008. With the help of our great sponsors we are looking forward to a lightning fast network without any bottlenecks.

Our tax case is progressing

Joakim Espevik 14 March, 2008 00:46

The ticket prices at The Gathering has increased significantly since last year. The Norwegian tax authorities has threatened to make The Gathering obliged to pay taxes, despite the fact that we insist that The Gathering is a cultural happening.

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Rules for the game-compos

Joakim Espevik 12 March, 2008 15:02

We have collected all the rules for all the game-compos at one page. Find them here: http://gathering.org/tg08/gamerules.html

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Important information regarding seating

Berit Emilie Nordbø 12 March, 2008 08:11

After March 16th, you can no longer change your seat. If you still haven't picked a seat this will still be available.

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Things to do before arrival

Mats Frøiland 10 March, 2008 15:22

Important information !!

To enter The Gathering 2008, please remember these important things

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Mats Frøiland 10 March, 2008 12:17

For the first time in history, The Gathering will be the scene for a costume-carnival.

Bring your swim suit!

Joakim Espevik 09 March, 2008 19:22

Friday 21. March, during The Gathering, participants will have a opportunity to take a swim. Chillout invites you to get soaking wet in the swimming pool at Ankerskogen. This is a great way to get out of the noise and recharge.

The swimming pool is open between 11:00 and 17:00. There will be free entry, and free buses to take you there and back to Vikingskipet clean and happy.

A group of participants taking a bath last year easter. Photo: Øyvind Malin
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Show at The Gathering

Joakim Espevik 08 March, 2008 23:18

As always, Event has managed to pull together a amazing show for the participants. Here is some of what you might want to see this year.

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Crew For A Day

Joakim Espevik 06 March, 2008 23:57

Do you want to be in the TG-Crew? Do you want to find out how the Crew works, which tasks you can do, and find out if you like it? We have a great opportunity for those who want to try it out. Send an application to join our "Crew For A Day" program.

Evacuation plans

Joakim Espevik 06 March, 2008 14:47

Please read and get known with the evacuation plans.

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Official Event Radio - Radio3

Mats Frøiland 05 March, 2008 11:32

Radio 3 Norge is the official Event Radio for The Gathering 2008. Radio 3 will be located in their own radio tent and broadcast live from Vikingskipet.

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PTNcards has been sent

Øyvind Malin 04 March, 2008 21:17

The PTNcards has been sent and should be on it's way to your mailbox (if you ordered one)

Aktiv Reklame

Trond Sjøvang 04 March, 2008 17:55

Aktiv Reklame will return to this year's party ready to print your own unique creations on t-shirts, hoodies, banners etc. Pre-orders are available from their website: aktivreklame.no

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Hotels in Hamar

Mats Frøiland 04 March, 2008 16:59

For those of you who want to sleep in hotel during The Gathering, some hotels in Hamar offers a special price for The Gathering attenders.

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WCG Norway National Final

Mats Frøiland 03 March, 2008 22:44

We're happy to say that the World Cyber Games (WCG) will have two game compos at The Gathering 2008

Reserve your seat today

Øyvind Malin 03 March, 2008 20:34

Seatreservation is now open for everybody. Run over to PartyTicket.net and reserve the seat you want before someone else does it! Your seatreservation can be changed until 16. March 20:00 CET

Demosceners, take your seats!

Joakim Espevik 01 March, 2008 19:00

This year the following seats are reserved for demosceners:

Row 33, seat 1 to 21.
Row 34, seat 1 to 21.

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Gathering.org - Norwegian Version

Mats Frøiland 25 February, 2008 22:08

Gathering.org will today also be available in Norwegian. Both of the sites will contain the same information, the only difference will be the language. We do this to make even more of the users of gathering.org satisfied.

If you are using a Norwegian browser, you'll get redirected to the Norwegian-language-sites, else you'll stay on the English-language-sites. You may, at any time, use the flags in the top of the menu to change the website language.

If you find anything wrong with the sites, dead links etc. please tell us by sending an email to webmaster at gathering dot org.

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Seating Schedule

Joakim Espevik 24 February, 2008 18:06

Here is the schedule for seating on partyticket.

Rules and description for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 23 February, 2008 11:59

Rules for the creative competitions at The Gathering 2008 can be found here.

If you're newbie or just want to get more information, read this. All honours to Duckers from Outracks!

Rules for the Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne competition

Berit Emilie Nordbø 21 February, 2008 14:49

Updated: Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars

Free Pre-The-Gathering-Gathering!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 19 February, 2008 09:04

When? February 29th – March 2nd
Where? KANDU’s assembly hall at Brynseng, Oslo.
Who? Free for all participants and crews!

If you’re travelling from a place outside Østlandet you can apply for some economical support.

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Rules for the game competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 12 February, 2008 14:02

Rules for Quake 4, Warcraft 3 and Call Of Duty 4 will be announced later.

Prizes for the creative competitions

Berit Emilie Nordbø 11 February, 2008 23:45

Prizes for the creative competitions can be found here!

Travelling by train?

Berit Emilie Nordbø 05 February, 2008 14:56

We've got some information from NSB (Norwegian railway company) and if you're travelling to The Gathering by train from Oslo and back again you should read this.


Berit Emilie Nordbø 04 February, 2008 10:53

In case of an emergency situation that require evacuation of the hall, a message will be given on the halls loud speakers.

Each person should then put on some warm clothes (sweater and/or jacket) and walk to the nearest emergency exit.

People should not bring any equipment with them. Should some people attempt this, they will be stopped, and the equipment will be taken away from them. This is to avoid that someone should be tempted to remove something that does not belong to them, and to make sure the evacuation is done quickly and smoothly.

The emergency exits are marked on the map with colored arrows, showing the easiest emergency route according from the row you are sitting.

If in doubt, consult a crewmember, they should be wearing lighten-grey sweaters marked with "CREW" written on the back, or jackets marked with "SECURITY", and they will show you the way.

When one has emerged from the ship, one should move towards either:

  • The south side of the ship, that's at the big parking lot for participants
  • The main entrance, where one then should move to the south side, away from the entrance.

People should remain here until further notice is given, or a message from Security that one can enter the hall again.


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The creative compos theme

Joakim Espevik 03 February, 2008 22:54
There has been a mistake. We earlier announced that the theme for every creative compos were the same, but this were a mistake. Environmental Earth Values (either serious or ironic view) and/or Transformers is the theme for Themed graphics compo, and only that.

Tickets sold out

Mats Frøiland 13 January, 2008 22:57

The last ordinary ticket for The Gathering 2008 is now sold.

There are still tickets that is ordered, but not payed. These will be returned to the partyticket system, so if you haven't bought a ticket yet, there is still a chance for you to buy one later.

The special game/demo tickets will soon be avaiable. However: To receive these tickets, you'll have to be accepted manually.

TG 2008 Logo

Mats Frøiland 10 January, 2008 18:52

The TG08 logo is here, check it out!!

Creative Compos

Mats Frøiland 07 January, 2008 15:56

Here are information about the creative compos at The Gathering 2008

Security Information

Mats Frøiland 18 December, 2007 00:47

This is an important announcement with the rules of attendance for this year's event. Please read carefully and help us give you a safe and enjoyable party experience.

People under age 15

All participants under the age of 15 need to bring a signed statement from their parent or guardian allowing them to participate at the event. Download the form here (PDF - Norwegian) or here (PDF - English), print it out, get it filled in and signed and bring it with you to TG08. If you can't read the forms, please visit this site and download Acrobat reader.

If you have any questions about this form, please contact Eileén Tennebø, our participants' representative. deltakerombud at gathering dot org

Photo identification required

All party goers must identify themselves upon entry. This is necessary in order to have a complete roster of all party goers and to enforce the blacklists. Accepted ID is drivers license, passport, postal ID card or other quality photo ID credentials.

Additional Norwegian info

Alle deltagere må vise legitimasjon før de får påsatt armbånd. TG godtar hovedsaklig følgende former for legitimasjon:
  • Bankkort med bilde
  • Pass
  • Sertifikat utstedt av veivesenet (herunder det NYE mopedførerbeviset)
  • Postens NYE ID-kort
  • Det NYE "Kongeriket Norge-kortet"
  • Vernepliktsbok

    MERK: De som mangler gyldig legitimasjon bør ta med det de kan oppdrive, helst med bilde, PLUSS fødselsattest. Vi vil på bakgrunn av dette foreta en manuell ID-sjekk ETTER at resten av køen er behandlet. Merk at de som stiller seg i køen vil bli bortvist med beskjed om å vente.

    For å slippe å vente timesvis ute i kulden anbefaler vi derfor at de det gjelder heller ankommer skipet utover onsdags ettermiddag. Vi håper å ha gjort unna mesteparten av rushet rundt 15:00, uten av vi kan garantere for dette tidspunktet.

    No extra electrical equipment

    No water boilers, fridges, waffle pans or other kitchen utensils can be connected to the TG power grid. There is only so much power to each person, and there are simply not enough power for this kind of equipment. We'll have a designated area with power outlets, but it won't be possible to store your fridge there, sorry. If we find out that you're defying this simple rule, we'll give you a warning or confiscate the equipment. (We suggest you try out our cool "beverage cooler" service.)

    Sleeping only in designated areas

    No sleeping on the ground floor, near emergency exits, or under the tables in the hall area. No sleeping on pathways. Sleep only in designated sleeping areas, which is the seating areas around the hall and in our heated, outdoors sleeping tent. See other information about this service on our website or on information boards around the hall.

    Do not leave your sleeping bags or other equipment behind in the sleeping areas, as this will make it difficult for other party people to take a nap while you're not. If you choose to ignore this and still leave your stuff behind, we might collect it and throw it in a big pile where you have to dig it out again.

    Be advised that the designated sleeping areas will be cleaned twice a day around 08:00 and 20:00, and that we might need to wake you up if you are sleeping there at that moment. Don't get angry if we do.

    No smoking

    No open flames indoors. Keep emergency exits cleared, do not sleep in front of them or block them in any way. Do not use the green emergency exits to go outside for smoking, they are connected to an alarm system. NO SMOKING INDOORS. Smoking will only be permitted outside the main entrance in a designated area. Please help us keep the area tidy and use the ashtrays. Don't put waste or garbage in the ashtrays, as this eventually will start to burn and stink up the whole town. Yuck!

    No alcohol

    Alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited on the party area, including the parking area. Any alcohol will be confiscated and destroyed. Attendants offending this simple rule will be asked to leave the party. Intoxicated persons will not be allowed inside the hall. People found to be intoxicated inside the hall might be kicked out of the party, with no refunds.

    No freeriders

    Any attempt to enter the hall besides trough the checkpoints is strictly prohibited. Security patrol the outside areas of the hall, and this area is also under camera surveillance day and night. If we find out that you're faking the access badge, then we will be very upset. Don't do it - the money coming in from ticket sales are being spent on the party.

    No sale of caffeine drinks

    Sale or marketing of caffeine drinks otherwise not legal to sell in Norway are not permitted, even personal sales. Confiscated goods will be destroyed. This also applies to caffeine tablets, drinks like RED BULL and other foreign energy drinks, where caffeine is higher than the legal limit. What you bring for your personal use is your own business. Information regarding personal sales

    Sales of any items not considered a personal sale, but commercial due to size or intent of it, requires PRIOR written consent from the arrangers. No network marketing or MLM business will be tolerated.

    In case of emergency

    Please locate the closest emergency exit from your designated seat. In the case of a situation where everyone needs to be evacuated, go to the nearest emergency exit in an orderly fashion. DO NOT PUSH, FOLLOW THE FLOW! Do not bring your computer, as this will hinder an orderly evacuation. Assist others in getting out, and follow any directions from the crew. Keep walking until you're down at the parking lot.

    In case you should discover a fire, press a fire alarm button, call 110 on your cellphone or contact a crew member. Get people away from the fire. Follow directions from crew, fire marshals and the police. In the case of a fire alarm, turn off all music/sound and follow the directions given over the loudspeakers and/or megaphones.

    Security will monitor the fire alarm system night and day and respond to any alerts immediately.

    Theft of property

    Please do not leave money, cameras, cellphones, external disk drives or other valuables visible. There's not much reported theft on The Gathering, but we do see that many people leave stuff unattended. If you're concerned about your computer equipment, then make arrangements with your party neighbors to watch out for each others equipment while you're not there. Write down serial numbers on a separate piece of paper, in case something should be lost or stolen, so that we have a chance of identifying your stuff if we get it back. Contact Security if something gets stolen, or the Info:Desk if you lose something.

    Wardrobes for girls

    The girl showers and wardrobes will be closed with card readers in order to provide extra security. Females can borrow access cards to these wardrobes from the information desk. Please remember to return the access cards after each use.

    Wardrobes for the disabled

    We have a reserved wardrobe for the disabled participants. Access cards can be borrowed in the information desk. You should be able to document your disability to be allowed to use these wardrobes. If you can't document this, then you can talk to the medic crew who will consider this. Please remember to return access cards to the information desk after each use.

    For more information

    If you have any questions about security or medical matters, or have some information you'd think we would like to know about, then you're welcome to come talk to us in the Security operations room (up the stairs near the ice skate), or go to Medic (look for the red banner near the crew area). You can also talk to someone with a security or medic uniform if you should have a question about something. We're there to help you.

    Emergency assistance

    For immediate emergency assistance, get someone to grab a hold of any crew member and ask them to radio for help, call Security on (will be updated soon!) (you should save this on your cellphone and leave the number with your parents), or call the national emergency number 112. We hope you'll enjoy participating at the party as much as we will enjoy working hard in order to make it all happen.

    Welcome to The Gathering 2008.



    Many of you have asked us what the guidelines for use of speakers are, and to put it plain and simple; you can bring what you can fit in your designated space (80x60 cm). If you bring too large speakers and your neighbor(s) complain that you take up some of their space, you will have to remove them. If your amplifier/speakers use too much power, you must turn it off for the entire length of the party.

    1A rule and electricity

    To ensure no electrical breakdown you are only allowed to bring stuff with the combined power of 1 AMP. All electrical equipment must also have a "ground" option to ensure no short circuits in the power grid.

    During compos

    During the competitions and when concerts or other events take place on stage, all audio and lights must be killed. We do not require you to turn off your monitor, but if you have a seat near the big screen you are required to turn down the brightness to make the big screen easier to see. Also; you can of course listen to your audio through a headset, but you cannot play loud music through your speakers. This is a simple but strict rule that we expect you to follow.

    Take consideration of other participants

    If you play too loud and receive a request from someone around you to keep it down, we expect you to comply. TG should be a enjoyable place for everyone, and you should act onto others as you wish to be acted on yourself. The golden rule applies. :)

    Trolley, shopping carts etc.

    Shopping carts (and similar) are not allowed in the ship. You can bring your own personal trolley but remember this: You have only got a limited space. This means if your trolley is to big for your designated space, crew will ask you to remove it from the party. Unattended trolleys blocking the way in any of the public areas will be confiscated.

    Modification of tablespace

    Many of you have expressed a desire to modify your table space. This is quite alright, as long as you keep the following in mind;

    You cannot use more of the space between the table-rows. The distance between each row is decided by the fire-department and is there for your and your fellow attendees own safety.

    You cannot use screws/nails or similar to attach things to the table. We use the same tables each year and vandalism to these bring on an extra cost for the party.

    Feel free to build upwards but think about those around you. You are not allowed to construct something that is unstable and likely to fall and any damages occurring as a result of this are your cost and yours alone. The crew will be the final judge of what is considered good or bad construction.

    The tables can only endure a certain weight. Please don't dance on them. Use the floor for you computer and speakers, it's made of concrete and can hold nearly everything. The tables this year will have a hole to route your cables and wires through so that you can save space by keeping your computer under the table. We are also going to raise the table-switches with a specific device to allow for more equipment on the tables and also for easier access to the switches for yourself and our support-personal.

    The Gathering Crew

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  • Forum users awarded

    Joakim Espevik 12 December, 2007 00:11

    Are you a user of The Gathering forums? If you are, you might recognize the nicknames Mosy and aviruse. And that is not without any reason.

    Winner of Your best TG memory compo

    Mats Frøiland 03 December, 2007 19:05

    The jury has now decided the winner of "My best TG memory"

    And the winner is...

    Invalid mail addresses

    Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 December, 2007 17:33

    It seems that many people have invalid mail adresses so their "you can now order" mails are getting lost. Please check your date of birth, address (street address, postal number and city) and e-mail address!

    The ticket sales queue is now progressing, the first 175 users in the queue now have access to place an order.

    The queue is moving

    Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 December, 2007 16:20

    It was a long wait because of some last minute changes to the tickets - but we are finally on our way.
    Get your tickets now!

    You can buy your tickets at Partyticket.

    Remember to check your e-mail and your folder for unwanted messages (spam).

    Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

    Trond Sjøvang 01 December, 2007 14:47
    Great news everyone! The lottery is now closed, the draw has been made and all participants has been assigned places in the queue. If you still want to visit The Gathering, don't panic. You can still enter the ticket-queue and will most probably be able to buy tickets for TG08. That said there's a few important messages about this year's tickets: http://gathering.org/tg08/ticketsale.html

    The store is open

    Trond Sjøvang 26 November, 2007 19:49

    Partyticket.net is now open for signups, run run run and get your ticket for this years biggest lottery (and with the best chances of winning too) today: http://partyticket.net/tg08/checkout/

    If you encounter any problems, please read our guide on how to register: http://www.gathering.org/tg08/ptnregguide.html

    Q&A session with Vegard Skjefstad

    Mats Frøiland 20 November, 2007 14:45

    Vegard Skjefstad is the Core:Organizer at The Gathering 2008. He was one of the guys who started The Gathering back in 1992, and he always has a lot of information that we would like to give to the readers of gathering.org.

    Many of you are curious about what is going on before The Gathering, and how much is there really to prepare before the doors open?
    We made a Q&A session with Vegard.

    The Gathering 08 Ticket Sales

    Berit Emilie Nordbø 19 November, 2007 19:07

    The good news:

    The tickets will be put on sale December 1st, 15:00 CET on partyticket.net The price will be 800 NOK. In addition comes the PTN-fee of 37 NOK, bringing it to a total of 837 NOK. The tickets are refundable until Sunday 24th of February 2008.

    As for TG07, it will be in the form of a drawn ticketlottery among the registered people in the ticket queue at this date. Remember to signup before December 1st.

    The bad news:

    The sharp increase in ticket prices from previous years is because The Gathering may be required to pay VAT for the ticket sales. This is due to how the tax authorities define cultural events and the activities of the event, and is not limited to next year's event, but includes the 2006 and 2007 events.

    In fact, we do not raise the prices, but need to reserve the amount of 160 NOK required to pay VAT on the tickets if ordered to do so.

    If we don't increase the price and The Gathering have to pay VAT, it will lead to a drastic cut to all aspects of the event.

    If we win forward with our view on things, and are not required to pay VAT on the tickets, we will use the ticket money directly toward you as a ticketholder. Depending on the time of decision, which might happen after TG08, we will use to money to directly improve the party for either the TG08 or TG09 participants and tell you how we did this.

    Billetter til The Gathering 08

    Berit Emilie Nordbø 19 November, 2007 19:07

    De gode nyhetene:

    Billettene vil bli lagt ut for salg 1. desember klokken 15.00 på partyticket.net. Prisen er satt til 800 NOK og i tillegg kommer 37 NOK i PTN-avgift. Billettene kan refunderes inntil 24. februar 2008.

    Slik som på TG07 vil det bli trukket kølapp (billettlotteri) blandt de som har registrert seg i billettkøen på det tidspunktet. Husk å registrere deg før 1. desember.

    De dårlige nyhetene:

    Årsaken til at billettprisen har økt siden forrige gang er at The Gathering kan være pliktig til å betale MVA fra billettsalget. Grunnen til dette er skattemyndighetenes klassifisering av The Gathering og gjelder også årene 2006 og 2007.

    Vi øker ikke selve billettprisen, men trenger å reservere 160 NOK som skal gå til å betale MVA på billettene dersom kravet består. Hvis vi ikke gjør dette og The Gathering blir tvunget til å betale MVA, vil det føre til store kutt i alle aspekter av arrangementet.

    Hvis myndighetene bestemmer seg for at The Gathering ikke må betale merverdiavgift allikevel, vil vi sørge for at de ekstra inntektene fra billettsalget går direkte tilbake til deg som billettholder. Dette kan skje enten på TG08 eller TG09, avhengig av når vi får svaret fra myndighetene. Vi vil da bruke pengene på å gjøre datapartyet enda bedre for deltakerne, og du vil få vite hva pengene brukes til.

    Read more | Tags: Info.

    Parents info

    Ida Hundeide 15 November, 2007 13:51

    Participants Ombudsman

    Email: do at gathering dot org
    Phone: +47 90 20 84 54

    Dear parents

    Sending your daughter or son to The Gathering might make you feel insecure. It’s a pretty big computer party with lots of people, and it’s no wonder you might have some questions: Is it safe there? Will they be able to get food? How will they get sleep? Are there enough showers and toilets? Am I able to reach my child if there’s a problem? What will happen if..?

    The thought alone, that your child is at The Gathering along with 5.500 other people, can be quite overwhelming and scary sometimes. That’s why we’ve made this information, so that you can know a little bit about what’s going on and how everything is done. In addition, you may also contact us if you need more information. We that organize The Gathering can’t give any personal guarantee for anyone during the event, but we will do our very best to make sure your child has a wonderful Easter holiday, and returns to you tired, happy, and in one piece.

    We’ve been doing this event for 16 years, and we have around 200 people doing their very best to make the participants happy and make sure everything runs smoothly. A lot of these people started out as participants themselves, and thereby they have a lot of experience dealing with the challenge that is The Gathering.

    Where do I find information?

    Information to the participants and their parents is important before and during The Gathering. Our most important source to information are the websites that can be found on gathering.org. We recommend that you keep yourself updated there at all times. During the actual event, we broadcast TV continuously, and you just might be able to see your hopeful one on TG-TV online!

    Can I get in touch with the organizers?

    You can contact us organizers when the need is there. You’ll find a phone number you can use under the link Contact us. Questions to our participants’ representative, can be mailed to: deltagerombud@gathering.org

    Does The Gathering have any age limit?

    There’s not a fixed age limit at TG, but we recommend participants under the age of 16 to not travel alone. It’s nice to be at The Gathering with a sibling or friend who is older then 16.

    The Gathering has been advised by the police to make sure every participant under the age of 16, has a written consent form from their parents/guardians allowing them to attend TG. The form can be found here. This form with the parent/guardians signature must be sent with the participant to The Gathering. Minors who have not brought the consent form will be turned away.

    It’s you as parents that know your child best, and you will have to decide if your child should be able to attend. As arrangers, we do not have the capacity to follow up on whether or not your child gets enough sleep, eats regularly or keeps up with hygienic routines. Because of this, we ask you to evaluate if your child is capable of taking responsibility for this, or if he/she would be better of accompanied by a responsible person e.g. older friend or relative.

    Can my child sit together with his/her acquaintances?

    Yes, friends and family members can arrange to sit next to each other when they choose their seats via the ticketing system. The date of when seating arrangements will start can be found on the web site.

    Can you help me get in touch with my child on The Gathering?

    We recommend that you provide him/her with a cellular phone, so that you can contact him/her on your own. Phone calls to the organizers is first and foremost for purposes concerning the actual event. We don’t have the capacity to establish contact with participants other then in the event of an emergency. As a precaution, it’s advised that you note down where your child, child’s friends and so, are seated during TG. This will help us very much if we need to locate them.

    Is it safe at TG?

    Yes it is safe! We have a good collaboration between the local police at Hamar, who will be present inside and outside the Vikingship during the event. The fire brigade is located in the same location that TG is held, and all the installations used at TG is approved by them. TG has its own security crew, whom guard the doors (anyone attempting to enter without a bracelet is turned away) and is constantly working to make sure all security things are under control. A part of this crew is what we call Medic. We have our own medical station within the Vikingship (well marked with The Red Cross symbol), with educated personnel standing by 24/7.

    What if anything gets broken, or lost?

    People bring gear and gadgets for great amounts of money to TG. TG as the arranger has insurance for this, but it does not cover individual losses or damage to items belonging to the participants. It’s very rarely that we encounter theft of PC’s, and most of the material damages are caused by accidents like spilling coke on the keyboard etc. The last couple of years, we’ve noticed an increase in loose gear that’s easy to pick up by others. As a precaution, it’s wise to not let cellular phones and cameras lie around un-attended to. TG is not responsible for damages caused on the participants gear. Each participant must arrange insurance on their own with their insurance company. Keep in mind that insurance companies vary in what is covered by the insurance.

    Do not leave your wallet, cell phone, camera or other loose valuable items un-attended to at anytime. All losses and damages should be reported to the Info:Desk. They will arrange for police contact if necessary, so that all information and such is in order incase you need to discuss with your insurance company.

    What’s the food situation like?

    There are two food serving places within the facilities. These operate by standard rules and conduction for public food service. These places also get checked out during the event by the health department, to insure everything is up to code. In addition to the places within the premises, a lot of restaurants and food stores are open in Hamar during Easter. There is no worries about getting food at TG, but the reason why we recommend people under the age of 16 to travel with someone older, is that we notice that not everybody is capable of eating enough nutritious food to be able to last the 5 days.


    There is not sold any alcohol at TG. We practice a zero tolerance policy on this, and people who consume any form of alcohol or other substances equivalent to it, will be asked to remove themselves from the premises immediately. We sell sodas and other forms of drink within the hall. A lot of the participants bring enormous amounts of Coca Cola and so forth, but we must ask you as parents to advice your child to remember the importance of drinking water. And we mean a lot of it. The body will not be able to function right in such an environment without enough pure water in it. We have a lot of places within the ship where they can fill water bottles.

    Is there anywhere to sleep?

    We have dedicated sleeping areas under the tribunes and on the tribunes. Everyone must bring their own sleeping gear, i.e. sleeping bag, mattress and pillows. Sleeping on the bare concrete floor for 5 days is not something we encourage. We do not allow people to sleep at their seats, under the table or near their seat. This has to do with fire regulations. We encourage you as parents to talk to your child about sleep. Nobody can go 5 days and nights without sufficient sleep. We have breaks in our program at certain times during the night, so that people can sleep without feeling that they are missing something.

    What about showers and toilets?

    The Viking Ship is a sporting arena, and thereby has a lot of locker rooms with showers and toilets. These lockers are cleaned several times a day, and restocked with toilet paper and so forth. For the girls locker rooms, there are security cards that they can get in the Info:Desk. Everyone should bring a towel and shampoo etc. We strongly recommend that you as parents have a talk with your child about the importance of washing your hands after visiting the toilet and before eating / touching food in general. With such a large amount of people together for 5 days, it is even more important to wash your hands regularly, more so then at home. A motivational argument is that you in general feel more fresh and awake after a shower / when you are clean, and might be able to get more out of your stay by this.

    Special needs?

    We’re quite flexible when it comes to finding solutions for those who have special needs. We have many years experience with participants having different types of handicap, and we do whatever we can to accommodate these needs. Contact medic on medic at gathering dot org or the participant representative on deltagerombud at gathering dot org, an we’ll find a solution.

    Anything else?

    It’s been 16 years since our first event. It’s worked fine in the past, and we’re convinced that it will work fine again. If you have the possibility to stop by Hamar and have a look, do it. It’s hard to understand what The Gathering is, without having seen it, heard it and smelled it. TG is a safe event, and if I were a parent, I wouldn’t be more afraid to send my kids to TG then I would any other place.

    If you wanna talk to the participant representative about what you’ve read here, or any other matter concerning TG, don’t hesitate, send a mail to deltagerombud at gathering dot org

    Eileén Tennebø
    Deltagerombud/Participants representativ

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    Win a free ticket

    Joakim Espevik 14 November, 2007 13:51

    Do you feel a bit sad that someone else than you won the first ticket to The Gathering 2008? Or did you simply not contribute? Now you can cheer up as we are launching another contest, where you get the chance to win a free ticket!

    And the winner is...

    Joakim Espevik 13 November, 2007 14:11

    The jury has now decided who is to receive the very first ticket to The Gathering 2008!

    Predicted Downtime

    Joakim Espevik 22 October, 2007 23:48

    This Wednesday The Gathering's websites will experience a few hours downtime, as PowerTech are moving their servers. This will affect gathering.org and its subdomains.

    The new KANDU board

    Ida Hundeide 22 October, 2007 20:20

    The general meeting has been held, the new board has been chosen..

    Read more | Tags: Info.

    KANDU - Annual General Meeting

    Mats Frøiland 09 October, 2007 15:30

    KANDU's annual general meeting will be held this Saturday October 13. at 12 AM in Mariboes Gate 4, Oslo (right opposite Rockefeller)

    Read more | Tags: Info.

    Theme - Optimus Prime

    Mats Frøiland 01 October, 2007 22:48

    The theme of The Gathering 2008 is Optimus Prime.

    The reason we decided to use Optimus prime as this year's theme is that The Gathering 2008 will be the 17th TG in 16 years.

    As you may know 17 is a prime number, and there is a lot about prime numbers that is related to the world of computers. ie. crypto with prime numbers, which is one of the things we wanted to be reflected in this years header, which is made by Rikke Jansen aka Mulm and Marte Svalastoga aka marilla

    New Website

    Berit Emilie Nordbø 01 October, 2007 22:37

    The Countdown is over, the new website is here!

    We have chosen to use the same design as last year, with some modifications.There will be more updates soon!

    If you find any bugs or just want to let us know what you think about the website, please use webmaster at gathering dot org


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