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Stands for Switches

Trond Sjøvang 17 March, 2008 14:34

We don't have our regular stands for switches available this year. This means all switches will be placed on the tables (in an upright position).

We're sorry for the inconvenience

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Servers from Sun has arrived!

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 22:22

TG08 Network details

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 13:00

Finally tech:net is starting to settle on a design for The Gathering 2008. With the help of our great sponsors we are looking forward to a lightning fast network without any bottlenecks.

Why 2,9Gbit/s + 100Mbit/s?

Joakim Espevik 05 March, 2008 14:51

As we previously announced the internet connection this year is 2.9Gbit + 100Mbit/s. Here the explanation for this.

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Pushing the limits - our friends at BaneTele just got even better!

Joakim Espevik 29 February, 2008 23:24

Great news to all you net addicts out there: Our friends at BaneTele, in cooperation with TeliaSonera, will supply us with a 2.9Gbit + 100Mbit/s internet link - giving us a w000pping 3Gbit/s to play with this year!

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Prepare your computer for TG08

Knut Ivar Nesheim 29 September, 2007 16:41

We strongly recommend that you update Windows and protect it from viruses and spyware. Read through this list before you arrive TG08!


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