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Visitor tickets

Berit Emilie Nordbø 14 March, 2008 21:46

Same procedure as last year: Visitor tickets will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10.00 and 20.00

PTNcards has been sent

Øyvind Malin 04 March, 2008 21:17

The PTNcards has been sent and should be on it's way to your mailbox (if you ordered one)

Reserve your seat today

Øyvind Malin 03 March, 2008 20:34

Seatreservation is now open for everybody. Run over to PartyTicket.net and reserve the seat you want before someone else does it! Your seatreservation can be changed until 16. March 20:00 CET

Seating up and running again

Joakim Espevik 02 March, 2008 15:52

Due to both human errors and some technical difficulties, the seating procedure for the people with 10 or more tickets were delayed from Saturday 20:00 to Sunday 15:00. We are sorry for the delay and any inconvenience it may have caused you.

Those of you with 10 or more tickets will have until Monday 20:00 to complete the seating before we allow everyone to select their seats.

Seating Schedule

Joakim Espevik 24 February, 2008 18:06

Here is the schedule for seating on partyticket.

WARNING: Refund Date

Joakim Espevik 10 February, 2008 15:49

If you by some reason don't need the ticket you've bought from PTN, the last chance to sell it back is Sunday 24 February 2008. 12:00:00 CET. Remember that if you sell a ticket you are not going to use back to PTN, you will please someone else.

Still foreigner-tickets left!

Joakim Espevik 16 January, 2008 17:24

Even tough we and PTN has announced that we are out of tickets, stay calm. People with the rights to order foreigner-tickets will be able to order them in the queue, and get them manually approved.

Tickets sold out

Mats Frøiland 13 January, 2008 22:57

The last ordinary ticket for The Gathering 2008 is now sold.

There are still tickets that is ordered, but not payed. These will be returned to the partyticket system, so if you haven't bought a ticket yet, there is still a chance for you to buy one later.

The special game/demo tickets will soon be avaiable. However: To receive these tickets, you'll have to be accepted manually.

Important news

Joakim Espevik 10 January, 2008 15:55

In order to prepare for the seating procedure you must verify your address - go here:

If you have an invalid address or date of birth, it will fail our filters, and you will not be able to seat yourself. There will be a manual check for people who invalidly fail the integrity check, but you will not be able seat yourself until verified by admin if you need to do this.

Forum users awarded

Joakim Espevik 12 December, 2007 00:11

Are you a user of The Gathering forums? If you are, you might recognize the nicknames Mosy and aviruse. And that is not without any reason.

Winner of Your best TG memory compo

Mats Frøiland 03 December, 2007 19:05

The jury has now decided the winner of "My best TG memory"

And the winner is...

Invalid mail addresses

Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 December, 2007 17:33

It seems that many people have invalid mail adresses so their "you can now order" mails are getting lost. Please check your date of birth, address (street address, postal number and city) and e-mail address!

The ticket sales queue is now progressing, the first 175 users in the queue now have access to place an order.

The queue is moving

Berit Emilie Nordbø 02 December, 2007 16:20

It was a long wait because of some last minute changes to the tickets - but we are finally on our way.
Get your tickets now!

You can buy your tickets at Partyticket.

Remember to check your e-mail and your folder for unwanted messages (spam).

Tickets, Tickets, Tickets

Trond Sjøvang 01 December, 2007 14:47
Great news everyone! The lottery is now closed, the draw has been made and all participants has been assigned places in the queue. If you still want to visit The Gathering, don't panic. You can still enter the ticket-queue and will most probably be able to buy tickets for TG08. That said there's a few important messages about this year's tickets: http://gathering.org/tg08/ticketsale.html

The store is open

Trond Sjøvang 26 November, 2007 19:49

Partyticket.net is now open for signups, run run run and get your ticket for this years biggest lottery (and with the best chances of winning too) today: http://partyticket.net/tg08/checkout/

If you encounter any problems, please read our guide on how to register: http://www.gathering.org/tg08/ptnregguide.html

The Gathering 08 Ticket Sales

Berit Emilie Nordbø 19 November, 2007 19:07

The good news:

The tickets will be put on sale December 1st, 15:00 CET on partyticket.net The price will be 800 NOK. In addition comes the PTN-fee of 37 NOK, bringing it to a total of 837 NOK. The tickets are refundable until Sunday 24th of February 2008.

As for TG07, it will be in the form of a drawn ticketlottery among the registered people in the ticket queue at this date. Remember to signup before December 1st.

The bad news:

The sharp increase in ticket prices from previous years is because The Gathering may be required to pay VAT for the ticket sales. This is due to how the tax authorities define cultural events and the activities of the event, and is not limited to next year's event, but includes the 2006 and 2007 events.

In fact, we do not raise the prices, but need to reserve the amount of 160 NOK required to pay VAT on the tickets if ordered to do so.

If we don't increase the price and The Gathering have to pay VAT, it will lead to a drastic cut to all aspects of the event.

If we win forward with our view on things, and are not required to pay VAT on the tickets, we will use the ticket money directly toward you as a ticketholder. Depending on the time of decision, which might happen after TG08, we will use to money to directly improve the party for either the TG08 or TG09 participants and tell you how we did this.

And the winner is...

Joakim Espevik 13 November, 2007 14:11

The jury has now decided who is to receive the very first ticket to The Gathering 2008!


  • Espen_Gunvaldsen-aka-Echo-1205955137
  • DSC_7417
  • The Gathering 2006 0097
  • TSG_0018
  • Sebastian-aka-Priority-1205961789
  • G__ran-aka-Nargon-1205955273
  • dsc_7319
  • IMG_6649
  • Kjell_Arne_Steinsvik-aka-Kjeks-1205954089
  • Kristoffer_Nes_Langemyhr-aka-xenox-1205940742
  • Scott_Burns_Thomson-aka-Scotty-1205946106
  • Henrik_Moseby-aka-Mosy-1205954927

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