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The Gathering 08 Ticket Sales

By Berit Emilie Nordbø
Published: 19. Nov 2007, 19:07

The good news:

The tickets will be put on sale December 1st, 15:00 CET on partyticket.net The price will be 800 NOK. In addition comes the PTN-fee of 37 NOK, bringing it to a total of 837 NOK. The tickets are refundable until Sunday 24th of February 2008.

As for TG07, it will be in the form of a drawn ticketlottery among the registered people in the ticket queue at this date. Remember to signup before December 1st.

The bad news:

The sharp increase in ticket prices from previous years is because The Gathering may be required to pay VAT for the ticket sales. This is due to how the tax authorities define cultural events and the activities of the event, and is not limited to next year's event, but includes the 2006 and 2007 events.

In fact, we do not raise the prices, but need to reserve the amount of 160 NOK required to pay VAT on the tickets if ordered to do so.

If we don't increase the price and The Gathering have to pay VAT, it will lead to a drastic cut to all aspects of the event.

If we win forward with our view on things, and are not required to pay VAT on the tickets, we will use the ticket money directly toward you as a ticketholder. Depending on the time of decision, which might happen after TG08, we will use to money to directly improve the party for either the TG08 or TG09 participants and tell you how we did this.

Our view is that The Gathering is indeed a non-profit, cultural event, thus not eligible for VAT. Also, all other computer parties and similar events in Norway may be forced to pay VAT. This severely hinders the work of non-profit and voluntary organisations and events.

KANDU, the non-profit organisation that owns The Gathering, in co-operation with other organisations, is in dialogue with the authorities to bring this matter to an end. However, we have yet to receive a final answer.

All good things do come to an end, but it's too early for The Gathering! Our hearts are filled by good memories from The Gathering and we still want more, much more. We hope that you feel the same and spend this Easter in Vikingskipet, Hamar with us.

Without you, The Gathering is nothing!

Questions? Contact us at info at gathering dot org.

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