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Transportation to Hamar

By Berit Emilie Nordbø
Published: 01. Oct 2007, 14:04

A part of attending the party is actually getting there. Therefore we are providing some useful information about several ways to get there.

(We cannot guarantee that the links contain correct information and we do not take any responsibility if a trip you signed on to is cancelled or such.)

Travelling by bus
Visit rutebok.no and choose Hamar jb.st as destination.

Buses arranged by volunteers (not The Gathering):

Travelling by plane
If you are planning to come to TG by plane, we suggest that you book your ticket to Oslo Gardemoen (OSL) as there is a direct train to Hamar from there. If you decide to fly to Sandefjord Torp, you will have to catch a bus to Sandefjord, Tønsberg or Oslo and then take a bus or a train from there.

Travelling by train
There are trains that goes to Hamar. The distance between the train station in Hamar and the viking ship is approximatly 2 km, so we suggest taking a taxi or maxi taxi or walk if you are packing light. For information about timetables etc, please check nsb.no.

Travelling by car
If you want to get to the Vikingship by car, check out visveg.no (it only works with a start- and end point in Norway) or gulesider.no. If you're driving from outside of Norway, try mapblast.com.

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