Creativia at The Gathering 2009

We are proud to announce that The Gathering 2009 will have a renewed commitment to meet the needs and demands of our creative participants. We will host a broad spectrum of creative competitions, ranging from game development to music production and machinima, to mention a few. We hope that this year's party will encourage you to use your computer for something creative. Come and join us!


Congrats to the winners of The Gathering 2009 Creativie Compos.


To compete your entry must be handed in via Partyticket. You can upload your entries here:


Make sure you don't miss anything. The schedule section contains a complete overview of all important points in time you should note for creativia at TG this year.


Contains information about all creative competitions that will be held at The Gathering this year.


Check out what you can win by participating in the competitions.


Each year The Gathering invites talented individuals to host seminars and share some of their secrets. The seminars are excelent if you want to get started with a new creative way of using your computer, or if you are already in the scene and want to learn some new tricks.


Inside the Vikingship this year you will find something you have never seen at TG before: The Creative Workshop. This is a cool, relaxed area where you can explore the possibilities of using the computer to create stuff. Bring your own equipment, or work on ours. Either way, you will find the tools you need to create something of your own. And best of all, the best guys in the trade will be there to help you and introduce you to the scene! You can watch crash courses to help you get started, or more advanced courses to learn some really dirty tricks from the dirtyest people the demoscene has to offer. Or you can just hang around and relax, have a snack and get to know the people. You are just as welcome whatever you choose to do.


The mentors of The Gathering 2009 are skilled creative people who are available to help you within their fields of expertise. Mentors in the fields of programming, graphics and music production will be available in the Creative Workshop between 12:00 and 24:00 every day. They can give you assistance on your own level, wether you are a beginner or already quite skilled yourself. Talking to the mentors can also be a nice way to get introduced to the creative scene at The Gathering.




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