13. Nov 03:31

...and get access to the crew area! Wannabe - our system of recruitment of crewmembers is open. Maybe you'll understand why the crew is fond of bananas? In the days ahead we will take a more detailed presentation of the crew, so do not wait too long before you visit us again. Apply for a position at wannabe.gathering.org

20. Oct 19:00

Due to the nature of this position, only those that read and write Norwegian fluently will be eligible for the position as chief for the Economy crew.

14. Sep 20:00

The Board of KANDU are pleased to present the organizers for The Gathering 2010.

  • Core: Vegard Skjefstad
  • Event: Jørgen Vigdal
  • Info: Frode Sandholtbråten
  • Security: Carl Henrik Myhre
  • Tech: Marcus Sæthershagen

  • Participant ombudsman: Lars Petter Johnsen
  • Crew ombudsman: Ingvild Myhre
  • Coordinator: Marius Jønsrud

The Board of KANDU wishes the organizers good luck with the planning of The Gathering 2010.  The board are looking forward to an amazing event that will be written in history as the best TG ever.

Tommy Sollyst Hulthin
KANDU - kreativ aktiv norsk dataungdom

3. Jul 13:30

Now you can apply for a ombudsman position, as participants ombudsman or crew ombudsman. The deadline is July 15th 23:59.


14. Apr 16:47

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Example subject: LF - Teddybear, yellow and pink. Laughs when tickled on belly". Please use descriptive subjects!
The body should contain when, where and how the item in question was lost, as well as colour, shape and smell.

14. Apr 09:50

You wanted it, here it is:


12. Apr 13:30

Do you want The Gathering to be even better in the future? We'd appriciate it ever so much if you could take a moment to answer our survey.

12. Apr 04:15

Did you miss out the World Record attemp in overclocking by the ASUS booth? We got the video! Enjoy!

12. Apr 03:46

The results from the game competitions is ready. Congratulations to everyone!

Check it out here

12. Apr 02:28

Prize Ceremony on the stage has now started, you can stream it from
here using VLC , a free media player. (Only accessible from within the party)

A flash player that can stream to those not inside Vikingskipet can be found in the full article.

12. Apr 00:39

Vikingskipet in Hamar, represented by commander Carl of the Pink Bananacommando, has scrubbed decks and are ready for new raids on the cold oceans of World Wide Web. To mark the occation the scurvy sailors aboard have chosen to sail beneath the correct flag, adjusted to the use of the ship in easter.

11. Apr 22:54

The fifth edition of TheNewsGathering has finally hit the streets. This is the biggest, and in out opinion best, edition ever. Download it, lean back and enjoy! Ps. It's sadly only in norwegian, but has a lot of pictures.

11. Apr 21:45

The contributions for the Game Development competition can now be found at ftp.gathering.org. Make sure to try all the games, and vote for your favourite at partyticket.net. The voting closes at 00:45

11. Apr 20:49

In the northern part of the ship, close to the stage, you will
find Stefan "Payne" and his friends below a German flag. They have
travelled from Mannheim, Germany, and they are very specific as to

11. Apr 18:12

"TS-rekka" (The Survivors row) on rows 50 and 51 have started cleaning their territory showing other participants how it's done. We still encourage others to do the same, to preserve a good environment in our ship.

Photo: Frode Sandholtbråten

11. Apr 16:51

Thanks to kind participants, info:Desk has recieved 3 mobile phones, 2 car keys and a camera. If you are missing something, go ask them!

11. Apr 15:36

Someone has recorded the attention grabber we play before the creative competitions, and it is spreading on the network. But please, don't start playing it. Here's why.

11. Apr 13:21

Upload your best pictures from The Gathering to www.gathering.org

We now provide you the official The Gathering participant gallery.

Click here to see and upload pictures

11. Apr 13:13

Suddenly written information appears! This is how it works behind the scenes.

11. Apr 12:40

Prizes for hundreds of thousands of kroner will today be handed out by Komplett to the most skilled competitors at The Gathering. Here you'll find the complete schedule for today's compos.

11. Apr 10:56

Be sure to clean up in your place, and make your neighbour do the same. The winners of the cleanest row through saturday will receive a great prize during the cleaning tonight.
The Gathering Crew will help you. Welcome our crew, get rid of your garbage

11. Apr 01:34

Event:Production has been everywhere (almost) in the Vikingship with their videocameras. Now they are done with the editing of some movieclips, and then we are launching the first movieclip; The Gathering by night. Enjoy!

11. Apr 00:30

The Gathering is not yet over, and the fight between Fire and Ice still stands strong. Do you wish to show where your allegiance lies? Then download this wallpaper pack and use the wallpaper for YOUR element. The wallpapers are brought to you by Allan Tangedal, the same guy who made this year's awesome logo. The wallpaper pack can be found here.

10. Apr 23:28

The votes have been counted, and everything is set for the prize ceremony later tonight.

See the full article for more information about the prizes that are rewarded tonight.

10. Apr 21:21

The latest release of The Gathering's very own newspaper, TheNewsGathering, is now up for grabs!

This issue have articles about our new Guinnes records, The nerdswim, what you can do on TG without computer and much more!


10. Apr 21:05

Fire! Fire! There will be fire in the barbecues tomorrow, 11th April. Participants are welcome to join The Gathering 2009 barbecue party!

10. Apr 18:58

The Resirk-stand at the north end of the ship wants YOU to recycle your trash. When recycling, you can participate in a daily contest with great prizes. One of the daily prizes is a trip to the roof of the Viking ship!

10. Apr 17:40

We have noticed some rows are more messy than others, with garbage piling up. From now on, sitting in messy rows WILL get consequenses!

10. Apr 15:34

It is your responsibility to make sure your demo runs on the compo machines. If we can't get your demo to run, we can't show it either. Come to the Creative Workshop at the deadline, and make sure that your entry runs correctly. This is especially important if you have a Linux entry in the Demo, Fast Intro or Wild compo, as we use a separate computer for Linux entries.

10. Apr 12:12

The deadline for the Game Development compo is tonight at midnight. Helpful seminar at 13:00 today!

10. Apr 10:18

Take a break from your computer and join the annual nerdswim! On Friday 10th of April ChillOut invites you to get soaking wet in the swimming pool at Ankerskogen. Free entrance and transport.

10. Apr 10:12

To all of you creative people. The fast intro themes are announced.

The deadline is six hours from post time - 10th April - 18:20

10. Apr 08:59

The Auditorium will show the documentary, "Urospredere", today. Urospredere is a Norwegian documentary focusing on the illegal files haring in Norway.

10. Apr 02:11

In addition to the money prizes given for placement in the compos, the jury will also select four entries that they believe deserves some special recognition.

9. Apr 22:08

As some of you might have noticed, we've had the pleasure of having a
representative from Guinness present at TG.

9. Apr 20:37

The task assignment for the Small HTML compo is released. Get started on your contribution now, you have 24 hours to get it as small as possible!

Please note: Because of the delay getting the assignment out, the deadline has been moved accordingly. The deadline is now Friday 20:45


9. Apr 19:24

The live streams from the auditorium are now up, and can be found here using VLC.
If you are viewing from outside the ship, a Flash player will show the stream in the full story.

9. Apr 18:54

The latest release of The Gathering's very own newspaper, TheNewsGathering, is now up for grabs!

This issue have articles about the opening show. chillout, the forum, the info:desk and more.


9. Apr 17:16

We need to break some records, so everyone, download stuff, browse YouTube in High Def, download some new Linux distros!

9. Apr 15:41

Still together? Contact Event:Production on the right side of stage. We want to know! 

9. Apr 15:34

Can't get that 3D effect to look like the one in your favorite demo? Are you working on a tune, but can't get that beefy bassline you are looking for? Do you need tips for getting the lighting just right in your 3D render?

9. Apr 14:16

1. Excello
2. LatterligLett
3. Aftermath
4. highscore
5. Alchemists
6. Gamefuel
7. WeMakeSNAIL!
8. Sacred 

9. Apr 14:09

The qualifying rounds for the Trackmania Nations compo will begin at 15:00. Please use your Partyticket handle as your ingame nick.

9. Apr 13:09

Join the ASUS graphics card design competition.

The best looking design will be chosen by an ASUS representative.

9. Apr 11:36

A member of the highly impressive G-Series notebook, the ASUS G71G is designet specifically for gaming enthusiast. On The Gathering 2009 you will be able to try out the best games on the best gaming notebook in ASUS booth. Welcome to play Crysis Warhead, Tom Clancy's HAWX, Left 4 Dead, Burnout Paradise and Mirror's Edge. 

9. Apr 00:11

The Gathering's very own newspaper, TheNewsGathering, is now up for grabs!

This issue have articles about contests, fun facts, the check-in line and much more.

8. Apr 23:36

Thursday 9th of April, the game crew will have a meeting for the teamleaders from teams that will compete in Counter-Strike 1.6 and DotA. There will also be compos in WC3, Quake 3 and Trackmania Nations. Information about the Xbox-compos will be announced 12.00 the same day.

8. Apr 19:12

There will be a Guinness world record attemp in the game Racedriver Grid, and there will be 24hour-race. If you want to set a record, visit the game booth to sign up and game! The deadline is 01:00 thursday 9th of April, and the record attemp will begin tonight - so hurry up!

8. Apr 18:00

Hello there all gamers. It is very important that all contestants sings up for the game competitions before the deadline. That's why we now have made a "how-to" for signups, so that you can sign up yourself or your team at the right time. The deadline for stage 1 and 2 signup is tonight at 23:00 (Wednesday 8.4.09/TG Day 1)

8. Apr 17:51

If you are participating in any game tournaments during The Gathering, now is the time to sign up.

Partyticket.net is now open for signup!

8. Apr 17:42

To compete your entry must be handed in via Partyticket. You can upload your entries here:


8. Apr 16:34

Because of the impressive specifications and a unique motherboard and cooling design, the W90Vp is aldready known to the market as one of the very fastest computers available. Come to the ASUS booth at The Gathering to experience it by yourselves! 

8. Apr 16:08

Compete in the R.O.G (Republic of Gamers) Shootout in Counter-Strike 1.6, and win a custom made extreme gaming Desktop - value 24 500 NOK.  

8. Apr 14:01

It is important to keep an eye on your belongings while you are attending The Gathering. At arrival and departure, many people carry much equipment in and out of the Viking ship, making life easy for thieves.

8. Apr 11:14

Earlier we announced that there is far too many PTN accounts with invalid information such as fake names, addresses etc. We told that having such invalid information will result in consequences when arriving at TG.

Right now there is a large queue outside because of invalid PTN accounts!

If you are still at home, or in the queue and having cellphone with internet - check your PTN account and update if needed!

The queue is moving forward slowly...

8. Apr 10:31

It is raining, and several of you participants has been wet. We recommend you to switch into dry clothes before getting cold.If you are feeling cold - take a shower before switching clothes. This will prevent you from being sick, and you will feel great!

8. Apr 09:54

After a couple of hours waiting outside in the rain, the doors to The Gathering opened for the hundreds of computer nerds waiting outside. The Viking ship is now being filled up with computers, excited geeks and big speakers(!).

7. Apr 19:14

Were you planning to be the first in line? You're too late. Fredrik, Mikkel, Kenneth and Fredrik have been waiting since Sunday.

7. Apr 17:29

We strongly recommend that you update Windows and protect it from viruses and spyware. Read through this list before you arrive TG09!

7. Apr 14:21

Most weather forecasts are reporting bad weather on Wednesday.

7. Apr 13:32

The emergency exits are marked on the map with colored arrows, showing the easiest emergency route according from the row you are sitting.Please read the entire article.

6. Apr 23:19

The Norwegian technology newspaper Digi.no has published a video interview with Tech:Net chief Daniel Husand and Cisco Norway employee Merete Asak. In the interview they talk about the network infrastructure on The Gathering and the amount of traffic generated during the party.

6. Apr 21:11

The webcam stream will now be switched off. This is not an error, so please don't report this to us :-)

It will be NOT back online before the party starts...

However, the tech crew might put up replays of earlier recorded footage if enough people request it.

6. Apr 18:57

Last years VAT demand unveiled quite an engagement amongst the participants of The Gathering. It spawned massive protests against the demand and the comprehensive media coverage made the Department of Finance pass a hastened exemption for The Gathering in the VAT case. Three of the persons who fronted the case of a VAT exemption has now sent their greetings by video to all participants and volunteers.

6. Apr 11:56

Remember to bring your swim shorts to The Gathering this year. Friday is the day for nerd swim. The stores are closed thursday and friday.


6. Apr 10:48

Overclocking is the Formula 1 race of the computer industry. There is no practical use for it, it is dangerous and there is always something that goes wrong. But when it works, it goes fast - really fast!

5. Apr 22:28

Zoooomg! We are getting reports about aliens occupying our parking lot. The aliens have arrived in at least three cars: one green, one white, and one which color we can not determine.

5. Apr 22:18

Thursday at 01 AM there will be a film premiere of the Norwegian documentary film "Exil" on the big screen at The Gathering. The movie has a focus on online role playing games, and the effect it has on peoples lives, good and bad.

5. Apr 21:35

Members of the management team of The Gathering and other key personnel are relocating to "Vikingskipet" in the next couple of days. As we will be quite busy when we arrive, there are some changes to how you can reach us.

5. Apr 19:37

This easter, we will put bunnies and egg painting aside. The Gathering 09 has been themed and named «Fire & Ice», and to a greater extent than ever, the theme will affect the whole event.

5. Apr 12:00

The deadline for Crew for a day application is getting closer by the hour. If you want to apply, send a mail to cfad@gathering.org!

5. Apr 00:22

Webcams from the Vikingskip are on-line!

4. Apr 04:22

The first edition of our in-house news magazine, The NewsGathering, has just been released!

3. Apr 19:44

All participants under the age of 16 need to bring a signed statement from their parent or guardian allowing them to participate at the event.

3. Apr 16:43

QPAD will bring their new mousepad with the TG09 logo and ensure it is the perfect choice for you.

3. Apr 15:42

The prizes for the game competitions are now announced.


3. Apr 15:13

Guinness World Records will be present at The Gathering 2009. In this connection, it is attempted to set nine new records during the event. LeMans, overclocking, musical chairs and nerd swim are among those record attempts.

3. Apr 15:12

April 4, at 11:59pm CET, seating will close, and you will no longer be able so change your seats.

2. Apr 18:40

The Hardcore Programming compo case has now been announced.

2. Apr 00:01

As most of you probably know by now: The news item about prohibiting food in the hall was an April Fools' joke. However, the threat from the fire brigade and the health authorities is quite real.

1. Apr 13:56

If you are travelling by car, please follow the directions given by security to the parking lot entrance farthest from the arena.

1. Apr 00:14

The VAT battle is over, but The Gathering is still in grave danger. Both the fire brigade and the health authorities have now grown tired of seeing the ever increasing amounts of garbage in the hall. The amount of garbage the past few years has both blocked escape routes between the seat rows and caused a significant health hazard. We are therefore forced to prohibit all food between the seat rows.

30. Mar 22:21

For safety reasons the security crew will evaluate all shelves at TG09.

28. Mar 19:12

Partyshop are among the stores selling locks at The Gathering.

To prevent dishonest souls in stealing your equipment, it might be a good idea to lock it to your seat somehow.

28. Mar 18:34

This year no laser pointers will be allowed at TG, due to flagrant misuse at previous events.

28. Mar 17:14

Would you like to do something creative at The Gathering, but need some helpful hints to get you going? The mentors are there for you!

28. Mar 13:24

Torill Elvira Mortensen, a game researcher at Volda College, will be visiting The Gathering to see how YOU organize your seat!

28. Mar 13:03

The Gathering is proud to announce that QuadV will be announcing the games on Stage this year. QuadV has been leading in E-sport annoucing the past few years and been to all the major events in the world. They will bring their best commentators to The Gathering 2009.

26. Mar 23:41

The task assignment for the Themed Graphical Design compo is out now. Get started now, deadline is Thursday 09/04/2009 at 10:00AM.

26. Mar 09:58

Hello all you networking geeks out there! We now provide some technical details on the network at TG09!

25. Mar 03:15

Planning to make some food yourself during The Gathering? Fear not, we've got just what you need.

24. Mar 08:10

Tech:Net has started a new Tech Blog. Check it out at http://technet.gathering.org.

24. Mar 01:59

During the next couple of days, PTN will send out the PTN cards. Remember to bring your card with you! This will make check-in a lot faster and easier.

24. Mar 01:00

As always, you can apply for a temporary position in the crew -- first come, first serve.

23. Mar 09:03

The internet connection at TG09 will be a 5Gbps fiberoptic link provided by BaneTele!

21. Mar 02:27

The final deadline is monday 30th March. If you want to set a record for the Guinness World Record - register today! This year Guinness World Records will be present at The Gathering. Their goal is to register new records both for the regular book and for a separate book for computer games!

20. Mar 06:09

If you are refunding any tickets, make sure you do so within Sunday 22 March 12:00 CET (noon - not midnight!). After that time Partyticket (PTN) will no longer accept any refunds.

To be able to refund your ticket you must remove the user and seater from the ticket first. After PTN has stopped accepting refunds, ticket sales outside PTN are tolerated, as long as you play by the rules. We also have some friendly advice for you.

14. Mar 20:09

Same procedure as last year: Visitor tickets will be available on Thursday, Friday and Saturday between 10:00 and 20:00. These tickets allow you to stay in the hall until 07:30 the next morning.

14. Mar 18:45

There are far too many PTN accounts with invalid information such as fake names, addresses etc. Having such invalid information will result in serious consequences when arriving at TG.

Our crew will validate your address and other information when you are checking in. If the information is found to be invalid you will be rejected from the check-in queue.

13. Mar 23:43

This year we have a creative area, with 80 seats. For information about how to get seated in this area, read the entire article

13. Mar 09:03

Do you want to write for gathering.org? Info:Content are looking for a journalist for gathering.org and The News Gathering. If you want to contribute, apply today at http://wannabe.gathering.org!

5. Mar 14:28

Gullstikka will be held at Rockefeller in Oslo, Thursday March 5th. Representatives from The Gathering will hand out an award!

4. Mar 15:33

First Hotel Victoria offers all attenders a special price during The Gathering 2009.

27. Feb 20:50

The norwegian documentary about illegal file sharing in Norway has received a great deal of attention the past year. 

The first launch will take place in Vikingskipet the 10th of April. There will be more screenings during The Gathering. The first screening will also feature a debate. Participants of the debate will be announced.

"Urospredere" focuses on illegal files haring in Norway, and has interviewed director Harald Zwart, minister of culture and church affairs Trond Giske, leader of IFPI Marte Thorsby and lawyer Espen Tøndel to name a few. 

27. Feb 17:24

The seating will begin the 1st of March, at 8pm CET, for groups of 30 or more. We've made a simple map where we've shown which areas who are especially cold or noisy.

23. Feb 18:56

PLAY! Symphony is the worlds largest concert with music from our history's biggest console games, and is arranged in Norway for the second time. The concert offers music from the top titles such as World of Warcraft, Halo, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Guild Wars, Metal Gear Solid, Battlefield and many more.

21. Feb 19:34

Previous years the opening shows included a range of performers from rope artists to Norwegian politicians. This year, game music performed by orchestra and fuel bombs are in focus by the arrangement team, who promise the best opening show ever at The Gathering.

18. Feb 11:40

We have received some information from NSB (Norwegian railway company) and if you are travelling to The Gathering by train to or from Oslo, you should read this.

18. Feb 10:54

The official event radio on The Gathering will be Radio 3 Norway. Last year was a success and they will work hard to make this year even better.

16. Feb 22:47

This years logo was made by Allan Tangedal, and can now be downloaded from ftp.gathering.org.

13. Feb 22:24

The creative competitions for The Gathering 2009 are now announced. See the full list here: compos. Time to get started on your contributions!

3. Feb 20:53

UPDATE Feb 4, 14:39: The issue is resolved and it is now possible to pay by using a credit or debet card :-)

It is currently not possible to pay using credit or debit cards at Partyticket.net. A subcontractor of Paynet is having problems, but they're working on it now. Until the problem has been resolved, credit transfer / online banking is the only working method of payment. Since you have access to the webshop for 72 hours, you can wait until tomorrow, and see if the problem has been resolved then. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

31. Jan 20:49

The game competitions for TG09 are now ready. This year we want to spread the games over multiple platforms in addition to our computer based selection of games we will also have two console games. 

This is to give all kinds of players a wider choice of games. 

26. Jan 23:53

Ticket sale

Tickets will be put on sale Tuesday 3rd of February 19:00 CET, and you can buy them on partyticket.net . Up until this date, you can sign up for the lottery that will give you a random spot in the queue for the webshop. Your spot in the queue is not determined until the 3rd of February.

26. Jan 23:51

The KANDU board is pleased to announce that it is currrently looking for suppliers of gigabit network equipment. The goal is to provide gigabit network connectivity to all participants within 2010.

26. Jan 02:15

The invitation for TG09 is ready. It's called Raiders of the lost art and is made by Outracks, Nazareth, Portal Process og Kvasigen.

25. Jan 23:58

The Gathering is offering two different types of tickets; one included membership in KANDU and one without. What is different? KANDU explains why you should join KANDU!