Want to spend a day behind the scenes?

24. Mar 01:00 / Marielle H. Akselsen

As always, you can apply for a temporary position in the crew -- first come, first serve.

For the third year in a row, there will be a Crew for a day program at TG. As a CFAD participant, you will get to spend time in multiple crews, giving you a unique opportunity to find out if you would enjoy being a part of the TG crew.
We met with Ingvild Myhre, this year's CFAD coordinator. “CFAD lets participants experience how the crew works and what happens behind the scenes at TG,” she says. “The day they are crew, they eat with us and get treated as crew.”

As an applicant you can choose what crews to test your skills in, and this year most crews will accept participants. “We try to take into account knowledge, experience and interest”, Ingvild assures us.

If you want to apply for crew for a day, send an e-mail to cfad@gathering.org where you introduce yourself and explain:

- Why you will be a great fit for the TG crew!
- What crews you want to apply for (up to five), in preferred order.

As some of the crews require special skills or experience, you should also include such skills, if applicable. This will make it easier for us to put you in the crews you want.

The application deadline is Monday, April 6th, at midday (12:00). After this, we will start replying to applicants -- you will get an answer no later than the end of Wednesday, April 8th.

Since positions are given out on a first come, first serve basis, you should send in your applications as soon as possible.

Visit http://wannabe.gathering.org/tg09/crew/description to view your options.

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Apply for a crew position

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Available position in Norway

Due to the nature of this position, only those that read and write Norwegian fluently will be eligible for the position as chief for the Economy crew.

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The Gathering 2010 - One step closer

The Board of KANDU are pleased to present the organizers for The Gathering 2010.

  • Core: Vegard Skjefstad
  • Event: Jørgen Vigdal
  • Info: Frode Sandholtbråten
  • Security: Carl Henrik Myhre
  • Tech: Marcus Sæthershagen

  • Participant ombudsman: Lars Petter Johnsen
  • Crew ombudsman: Ingvild Myhre
  • Coordinator: Marius Jønsrud

The Board of KANDU wishes the organizers good luck with the planning of The Gathering 2010.  The board are looking forward to an amazing event that will be written in history as the best TG ever.

Tommy Sollyst Hulthin
KANDU - kreativ aktiv norsk dataungdom

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Participant ombudsman and crew ombudsman TG2010

Now you can apply for a ombudsman position, as participants ombudsman or crew ombudsman. The deadline is July 15th 23:59.


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Lost something? Found something?

If you were so unfortunate to lose something or The Universe treated you nice and made you find something, please send us an email at info at gathering dot org.

Example subject: LF - Teddybear, yellow and pink. Laughs when tickled on belly". Please use descriptive subjects!
The body should contain when, where and how the item in question was lost, as well as colour, shape and smell.

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Get the TG09 Attention Grabber

You wanted it, here it is:


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Do you want The Gathering to be even better in the future? We'd appriciate it ever so much if you could take a moment to answer our survey.

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VIDEO: World Record in overclocking

Did you miss out the World Record attemp in overclocking by the ASUS booth? We got the video! Enjoy!

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Results from the game compos

The results from the game competitions is ready. Congratulations to everyone!

Check it out here

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Prize ceremony from the stage

Prize Ceremony on the stage has now started, you can stream it from
here using VLC , a free media player. (Only accessible from within the party)

A flash player that can stream to those not inside Vikingskipet can be found in the full article.

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YARR! We are pirates!

Vikingskipet in Hamar, represented by commander Carl of the Pink Bananacommando, has scrubbed decks and are ready for new raids on the cold oceans of World Wide Web. To mark the occation the scurvy sailors aboard have chosen to sail beneath the correct flag, adjusted to the use of the ship in easter.

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Fifth edition of the best TG-paper in the world

The fifth edition of TheNewsGathering has finally hit the streets. This is the biggest, and in out opinion best, edition ever. Download it, lean back and enjoy! Ps. It's sadly only in norwegian, but has a lot of pictures.

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ALL the contributions for the game development compo are now online.

The contributions for the Game Development competition can now be found at ftp.gathering.org. Make sure to try all the games, and vote for your favourite at partyticket.net. The voting closes at 00:45

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Germans at The Gathering

In the northern part of the ship, close to the stage, you will
find Stefan "Payne" and his friends below a German flag. They have
travelled from Mannheim, Germany, and they are very specific as to

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"TS-rekka" group tidy

"TS-rekka" (The Survivors row) on rows 50 and 51 have started cleaning their territory showing other participants how it's done. We still encourage others to do the same, to preserve a good environment in our ship.

Photo: Frode Sandholtbråten

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