The Creative Gathering

The Gathering has since 1992 been a proud host of prestigious demoscene competitions and a meeting place for all sorts for creative people from all over the world. In 2010, The Gathering will continue this tradition with a wide range of creative competitions, seminars and social events for all of you who use your computer for something creative.


The Gathering 2010 hosts a wide range of creative competitions where you can present your works to a large audience, and enjoy productions from other talented groups and individuals. Great prizes await the best entries.


Check out what you can win in the various competitions.

Creative Lounge

Creative Lounge is the place in the Vikingship where creative participants meet to socialize and exchange ideas, watch interesting seminars, performances and competitions.

Invitation Demo

Invitasjon demos is a long tradition for The Gathering. This year's invitation demo takes you to the depths of the ocean.


The Gathering has always room for more creative participants. If you are planning to enter the creative competitions or want to spend easter to learn new skills, we have reserved special tickets just for you.

Norwegian Game Awards Hype

Norwegian Game Awards hands out this year's first prize at TG. The prize goes to the team which creates the biggesthype by presenting a sneak peek of the game they are working on from the TG stage. Can you impress the masses of gamers?

Some of the creative 209 creative contributions presented at The Gathering 2009

Some of the creative 209 creative contributions presented at The Gathering 2009