This year's game competitions will provide all kinds of gamers something to look forward to. Here we collect the best from the team vs team, player vs player and console gaming. It is a mixture of old classics and new games. The game competitions starts on Wednesday and ends on Saturday.




General rules for ALL tournaments:

Rights to participate
» All participants with valid tickets for the Gathering 2010 has the right to participate in the games competitions.
» Members of the crew has also allowed to participate.
» All who wish to participate must register at the Game's registration desk before Wednesday at 01.00.
» Teams that has won something, and that does not come at the prize giving ceremony may lose part or all of their prize.

Prizes and ceremony
» It is mandatory to show up on the award ceremony on Saturday for anyone who wins something at The Gathering. This applies to all contests. Players or teams that do not show up may lose all, or part of their prize.

» The Gathering have the rights to remove parts of the prizes for a tournament if it is to few participants in the tournament.

Publication of demos
» The Gathering reserves non-exclusive right to disclosure of all the demos and other ingame movies as they take in the competition for the Gathering 2010.

Teams and Team-Leaders
» The team leader must always be available during the tournament. This includes the online qualification.
» They must be in the irc-channel on quakenet, and in the specified channel for each game.
» All players must use the name/nick they are registerd with for the tournament. That way everyone knows who is contacting who. 

The Gatherings rights
» The Gathering reserves the right to modify, develop, remove and add new rules until the doors close Sunday 4 April 2010.


If you have any questions or just need some information, you can reach the game crew by e-mail:  

or you can get hold of us in the irc-channel on quakenet (

You can also find answers or get help from other users in our forum.