Invitation Demo

The invitation demo for The Gathering 2010 is made by Outracks. You can find more demos from this and other demo groups at

A demo is a programmed computer graphics and sound show. The graphics you see is rendered by your graphics card in real time, as in a computer game. The annual demo competition and the demoscene is for many the primary reason for going to The Gathering, and the invitation demo is a long withstanding tradition.

Please choose how you want to watch the demo bellow.

Download Executable

You can download the executable version of the invitation demo and watch it in real time on your computer to get the best quality and the best demo experience. This requires a DirectX10-capable computer with good performance.

Download 720p HD Video Recording

Download the high quality video version to see the demo in high quality without requiring a DirectX10-capable computer.

Watch the demo on YouTube

Give your feedback

Demosceners love feedback on their productions, good or bad. You can give your feedback on this production by leaving a comment on the page for this demo or in the forum.