Creative Competitions

The annual creative competitions at The Gathering is your unique chance to show or play your masterpiece to a large audience on one of the best audio and video systems in the country. You'll get a live reaction and feedback from a crowd of inspired fans, and have a chance to win prizes and awards.

Below you will find a list of the creative competitions at the Gathering 2010. Click the title to see a full description of the compo, download earlier winners and read the rules for the specific compo.

Please note that The general rules for the creative competitions at the Gathering 2010 applies for all competitions unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Demoscene Competitions

  • Demo
    Where teamwork, adept skills and long night hours become mindblowing entertainment. Create an executable showdown of your graphics, music and programming skills combined and become demoscene legends.
  • 64k/4k Intro
    How many bytes do you need to rock the big screen? Is 4 the new 64? Find out in this competition where demos go tiny.
  • Freestyle Graphics
    Art by pixel, all tools allowed.
  • Rendered Graphics
    Art by 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and rendering.
  • Freestyle Music
    Your original track, played out loud for the first time to a large audience.
  • Fast Intro
    8 hours, 3 wicked themes, 137 warnings, 0 errors.

Game Development Competitions

This year's game development competitions will be held in association with Norwegian Game Awards.

  • Game Development
    Present a playable sneak peek of your game on the big screen and create the biggest hype for your upcoming NGA contribution .
  • Themed Concept Art
    Create a piece of concept art for a given theme.

Programming Competitions

  • Hardcore Programming
    Create an artificial intelligence and let it battle your contestants on the big screen. The compo case and development kit is released now, you may start coding right away.
  • Useful Utility
    Create something that simplifies our lives. Programs, web-apps, mobile; all platforms allowed.
  • Small HTML
    Dirty hacks beyond quirks mode. Make an HTML-page as small as you can (in terms of bytes) while it still displays the same image in the browser. Assignment is released at the party.

Other Competitions

  • Ventelo Graphic Design
    The people who provide us with this year's fantastic internet connection presents a challenge to our creative participants, and a very nice prize for the adept winner.
  • Freestyle Video
    For animation, editing, direction and innovation worthy of more than YouTube.
  • Photo
    Capture a moment in time for everyone to enjoy.
  • Useless Utility
    Usable, but useless
  • Fast Remix
    We'll provide a track, you'll do a remix - in 4 hours.
  • MS Paint
    Because brushes, layers and fancy effects are for pussies!

Open competition

In addition to the above categories, The Gathering 2010 will host an Open competition. In this competition you can hand in any creative contribution that does not fit in the other competitions. Your entry must be handed in electronically. If your entry is not of a suitable nature for this, for example homemade robots or casemods, you will have to make a photo, video or document describing you entry and hand in electronically.

The entries must be handed in through the web-based compo system before Friday 12:00

A jury will select the entries which will be allowed to present themselves from the stage in its entirety. If selected, you are encouraged to bring your entry to the stage. The presentations are held in the Creative Lounge Saturday 12:30. Only entries that have been selected by the jury and for which the contestant is present will be presented.

The general rules for creative competitions at The Gathering 2010 applies to the Open competition.

There is no ranking or prizes in the Open competiton alone, but the entries will be considered by the jury for The Gathering Awards, where they will compete with the entries from all the other creative competitions.