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The world needs new, fun games to play. Do you have the next great idea, and the skills and enthusiasm it takes to bring it to life?

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Norwegian Game Awards (NGA) is a national game development competitions for students, which is held every year. This year the Game Development Competition at TG will be part of NGA. Games handed in in this competition will also compete for a spot in the glorious NGA finale later this year. This gives you the chance of winning more prizes and attract more attention to your game.


  1. How to compete
    • Hand in a playable version of the game at TG through the web-based compo-system.
    • The game should be handed in as a ZIP- or RAR-archive which contains the game itself, all neccessary data files and all required libraries (e.g. DLL-files) needed to run the game.
    • Remember to test that your game works on other computers than those it was developed on. Supply a README-file which describes in detail how we can run the game on any computer. Don't assume that we have any unstandard libraries or software installed.
    • You may be asked to come to the stage during the competition to give a 2-10 minute presentation of your game, including playing the game on the big screen for the audience. If many games enter the competition, the jury will pick the games which will be allowed to give a presentation (see section 5). Remember to supply your phone number so we can reach you during the event if we need to make any preparations for your presentation.
    • If desired, you may also supply a powerpoint (.ppt or .pptx) or PDF-file in the ZIP/RAR-archive which you can use during your presentation in addition to the gameplay demo.
  2. Deciding a winner

    The NGA Hype Award goes the game that creates the biggest "hype" by getting most votes from the public and from the jury. Second and third place also receive prizes (see Prizes).

    The winner will be chosen by combining the results from the popular vote with a jury vote. The popular vote will account for 67% of the total score, and the jury vote will account for 33%.

    There will be an exception from the normal practice for the creative competitions for this particular competition: The participants will not be able to download the game and evaluate your game after the competition; votes will be cast based on your presentation only.

  3. Further competition in NGA

    Your game will not be spread to the public by TG. You are allowed to deliver a new, updated version of your game to NGA before the NGA finale. If you don't deliver a new version, the version you delivered at TG will automatically compete in NGA.

    Note: Your game may be disqualified from competing in the NGA finale if your team or game does not comply with NGA's rules. For example, the NGA finale requires the team to consist of 50% students, while the NGA Hype-competition at The Gathering 2010 doesn't.

  4. Allowed platforms

    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Java
    • .Net
    • XNA
    • Flash
    • Silverlight
    • All portable devices (please bring a working device with your game to the party for demonstration).

  5. Preselection

    A jury will select up to ten (10) entries to be demonstrated for the public, and compete for the Hype Award.

    To make sure that the jury can fully appreciate your game you should also make a small users manual. This should explain the game concept and objectives, as well as how to control the game.

    Entries not picked can not be voted for.

  6. Size limit

    350 MB in installed form

  7. General rules

    The general rules for the creative competitions at The Gathering 2010 applies to this compo, unless where overriden by these rules.

    Note: In this competition there will be an exception from the rule about previously released material: The entry may have been published earlier as long as this happened after June 1st 2009. Thus, the entry may not have competed in NGA or at TG previously.


The deadline is not set yet, but it will be some time during the TG event (between 31st of March to 4th of April).

Compo show

The competition show is held at the main stage in the Vikingship Saturday 3rd of April. Exact time is not set yet.


  1. place: 10 000 NOK (NGA Hype Award)
  2. place: 5 000 NOK
  3. place: 2 500 NOK

See the complete prizelist for info about the prizes in all creative competitions.

Help and support

If you have questions or need help regarding this competition, you can: