The Gathering Awards

Voting is a tried and tested method for deciding the winner in competitions like the ones held at The Gathering. It's not perfect, however. An entry might place low in the rankings, yet still have artistic qualities or other properties to it that merit an extra reward. Sometimes an entry might even win the competition, but demonstrate such excellent skills that it deserves even more attention. In order to properly address situations like these, we have established The Gathering Awards. The recipients of these awards will be decided by the Creativia crew.

In addition to the fame and glory associated with any prize at The Gathering, each award comes with a cash prize of NOK 5000. These are the awards we will present at The Gathering 2010:

  • Best Execution will be awarded to an entry that shows remarkable professionalism in presentation, production and content.
  • Best Innovation goes to an entry that in some way exhibits new, fresh ideas - or simply an old idea, used in an innovative way.
  • Best Newcomer is awarded to a participant that is new to the competition scene at The Gathering, but shows excellent skills or potential. It may also be given to a previous participant that has come back to show obvious skill improvements.
  • Hidden Gem will be awarded to an entry that didn't receive much attention in the competition it was entered to, but that we feel deserves some extra time in the spotlight.

Photo: Steinar Gunderson